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Congrats to both the Winners  !   Enjoy! guys!  [:)]


Two Might Fine AMD CPU water cooled kits and a sweet GIGABYTE mainboard! 
Sounds pretty sweet to me ! :) 

amdcrankitup wrote:

[quote user="BBarnes"]

5.0ghz OF AMD LOVE!!!! I want one!!

Im just curious who this is? Got the same last name as I and apparently is an AMD Fan??? What would be your first name be?????Idea


hey Bill   check this out too [Y]  AMD FX-8370 and FX-8370E 8-Core CPU Reviews   with Marco :)


Dave_HH wrote:

I for one can't wait to get a review unit in for testing.... so I can open it up for an alien autopsy. :)

Not really sure what to make of this design at this time,  seems a bit too cramped  to me and maybe not enough airflow?  I dunno,  have to wait and see when you gents test this alien puppy out, and 'shake n bake'  it a little bit under some heavy duty loads.

realneil wrote:

[quote user="Ben"] with money I don't have budgeted.

Welcome to my world

For sure guys  mine is similar to Vapor-X    >>  gone before me gets my paws on it.



Hey Ben have you  tried this firmware update from Seagate ? http://knowledge.seagate.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/213891en?language=en_US  for your ST3750528AS HDD? 
Pretty sure I did the same on some of those 1TB  7200.12 series a while ago and  recall using the CD .iso method for the firmware update . Got several of  them to be usable for data storage after running with the SeaGate tools to remedy the cluster.  btw  if you are able to identify the cluster in relation to MBs you may be able to reformat and re- partition around them to be able to use the drive at a later date. But after all of that and your system still has boot and run issue it is likely not worth keeping it online and cause further grief after getting the awesome HH rig  But could be worth a shot.  or get a better one.
Either way congrats again on your win [B] and pretty sure you already have some awesome plans for it too. [:)]


 Yeah that HDD Regenerator when I bought it was $89.00  but saved a few drives and data for other folks.

That  SeaTools  for your drive is def worth a shot, it will report the errors it fixes. may be the  better option than messing with Spin Rite and it is FREE and will also take a long time to run.

Since you ran the Windows chkdsk and allowed it to attempt  to fix those errors as mentioned, Sounds like you may have some bad sectors on that drive.   Check to see if  the manufacture has some tools.  Seagate does (Seagate tools) that may fix it for you drive, it does take a long time.What make and model ?

There is also Spin Rite that was popular to fix bad sectors along with HDD regenerator that I had used many times before to save a few.
 Either way best to make backups of anything important, and see if it is a bad sector issue and if fixed you may be able to use it again,Should you reinstall Windows take the time to perform a full format and not the quick format.

Congrats Ben! and enjoy that fine rig man !

The Outlaw Josey Wales