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Not that I would ever buy Alienware (price is too high for what you get) but this is a very impressive system. I wouldn't load out a system like this, since there seems to be way to much money sunk into the video cards. Could have dropped one and gotten a second or larger SSD (or both). Performance wouldn't even drop in most use cases. But then I'm really more of a single powerful GPU kinda guy.

Not the first crazy system out of one of the big names I have seen ether. Does anyone else remember the HP Blackbird 002?

Guess I know when I'll be picking up my XBone.

Depends on the line you buy. Driving I'm buying are their professional ones with 5 year warranty.  Haven't ever had an issue with them.

I've been using their large HDD for my NAS and haven been disappointed. Just wish I hadn't bought five of their 6TB drives only a couple of months before the 8TB came out.

My house is already rigged up with a bunch of this stuff. I use RF plugs and controllers to allow my Logitech Harmony remote to control the lights as well as the home audio system (wired through the whole house) and the entertainment center (TV, Projector, DVD, Bluray, Audio Head, Cable, XBox, Micca).

I need to figure some way to tie my Carrier Infinity zone controller and thermostat into the system. Funny how the Nest is a cheap knockoff, but then I have an industrial HVAC system so it cost a couple times more then your normal setup.

Amazon is like any other big retail biz. They lose money for large parts of the year, then make it up during the mass sales. However, that 10x increase in lose compared to last year seems a little... high.

Considering that I have been using ASUS G series laptops for years, I was already planning on getting one of these when the first hint of them came out a month ago.

A gaming computer with only a 760? Guess that is why I avoid these companies.

Considering you can get a Syber VenomX (a console style living room pc) starting at $1,500 (i7-4790k, 8GB, GTX 980, 1TB HDD) and equiped the same (i74790k, 16GB, GTX 980, 500GB SSD, 2TB HDD) for under $2,000 I'm a little disappointed.

If you want to go really small a Revolt (i74790k, 16GB, GTX 980, 500GB SSD, 2TB HDD) is also under $2,000.

There is nothing about this rig that makes it worth $1,500 more than systems using the same components, especially then they are smaller.

Call out Google, ignore the fact that Apple uses this method to hide more money from taxes than another other three companies combined.