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dota 2 mostly. im getting addicted to it lol. games are very time consuming though.
  Topic: AMD Zen
im patiently waiting for zen and polaris. i will build an amd rig this year if all of the hype turns out to be true. i did not have any chance to build one last year since i won a bad ass pc from hothardware (Thanks HH :wink: )
Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

Every time you said "rams" I thought STL and football. It doesn't get pluralified, it is many sticks of RAM, or I have some RAM, not RAMS. xD I don't farm mooses or gooses lol

grammar nazzzzzi (it gets censored so i had to put more zzz) lol. idk i love calling it rams. it is more bad ass.. it has moree ooomphhh but yeah i know it is silly lol.

Originally Posted by: fortunz 

Just a little update. I had a few question marks when I ordered this, first, I've never ordered ram whose brand wasn't even on my motherboard's compatibility list. I figured that would be fine, ddr3 is ddr3, right? But I did breathe a little sigh of relief when it booted right up.

The other concern is that this is the first really high speed RAM I've ever had. I've read about XMP and AMP, but have never used them, to wit, I have an AMD processor and this RAM doesn't offer AMP, just XMP. Even so, when I hopped into bios before the first boot, my ASRock motherboard detected the xmp profile and let me select to load it. It didn't look like it was going to load by default, but I suppose it might have.

Upon booting into Windows, the task manager detects RAM running at 2133, the maximum supported by my APU, and everything certainly seems fine. I need to read up and understand the XMP profiles a little more, and figure out if I need to go back into bios and manually tune the timing to whatever would be appropriate for these sticks at 2133 instead of their rated 2400, I also understand that there is a way to get 2400 running with an APU despite the lack of support, and I am at least curious about that.

I think I might run it at 1600 for a while until I learn a little more. Just to be on the safe side.

id check the manufacturer timings and just put it manually in the bios. i would suggest to s[censored]ze more frequency as high as you can get, apus perform better with higher ones.

Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

Thanks for the mini-giveaway JJr, it drummed up some intrigue here :P

just wanna make the forum alive from time to time . :grin:

Originally Posted by: Jay Hoff 

would love to try it out. had been waiting for a free trial or something but no such luck yet.

sorry man. i have given all of my guest passes. hopefully you can find one soon. you can check the gameplays on youtube and maybe you will decide to buy it. To those who received it, Enjoy guys!

@shock sorry for late reply. i had to make sure you will drop another visit in the forum.. people kind of disappear around here. it makes me sad really lol. Read PM. Enjoy!
Originally Posted by: fortunz 

The 6P is an interesting option. The AMOLED tech is supposed to be more advanced than what went into my 6, but also the 128GB option is enticing. If you're going to have a phone without expandable storage, might as well load up. How much storage did you get?

i bought the 64gb version. its enough for me. i store alot of my stuff on the pc anyways. i even have a hard time fillig up my old 32 gb smartphone. i love this phone especially the battery life.

i dont have those rams but i almost bought them before cause i like how the way the rams look lol. Anyway i think they are decent. I would not worry about the quality of product as long as you are still covered with the warranty. It pays to explore too.
i have the nexus 6p and it is the best phone that i ever owned. No slow down, no bloat just pure android experience.
Originally Posted by: Facelag 

Yo man, I don't know if you still have a pass left or not, but I'd love to check that game out, I have been searching up and down to find a pass and I have been reading quite a lot about this game. Eitherway, I hope you can hit me up as it would be Awesome! 🙂 Kinda getting tired of running around in my Garrison ( WoW ) And think Black Desert Online has a Ton of other nice things going on for it.

Sorry for the delayed reply, just got home from work. Sure thing man :wink:. i will pm you the key after the server maintainance. I cant claim it on the website ATM.

EDIT: Website is up now. Check your PM. :wink: Enjoy man!