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This is a great card for an HTPC. Almost reminds me of my 9800 pro when I had a Golden Orb cooler mounted on it. 

Good to see Nvidia coming out with new cards even though they are late in the game. 

With that said....bring on the AMD 6 series!!!! [:D]

It is going to be tough to take on the I-Phone and as much of a Windows person as I am the I-Phone is #1.

BestBuy is always overpriced this cannot be good for sales IMO. I see prices being 30% over retail.

I personally would like doing business with this type of company. This is how you reward customers.

This reminds me of the Ally bank commercials "It's just the right thing to do"!!

Kudos US Cellular.

Again I say RIP James Heselden may Segway continue in your honor.

Congrats Bro U scored a killer rig!!!! Hope it serves you well!!!!

My 2 cents is stick with quality RAM whatever speed you may choose. Might not hurt to look at the motherboard web site and see what RAM is compatible with the two motherboards in question just to avoid any issues. It is not common but something you might want t o consider also this might tell what speeds are supported for each. [;)]

I cannot wait. I still have my old 8800GTX which has been outdated!!!

Hopefully these cards will bring the same kind of jaw dropping performance that the "5" series did and I also hope they are priced right.

Again I would wait to see what AMD brings with the "6" series. I am no fan-boy but being so close to launch it would be foolish to purchase a new card now unless you absolutely had to have one.

The smart thing to do is just to wait for the "6" series and see what kind of performance they will bring being that they are due out in the next few months. 

If I remember correct the 1GB 460 performance was much better than the 768MB.