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sweet giveaway!

Spent the last 10 hours procrastinating 😃 now studying and realizing slowly, that I'm going to fail tomorrow..... Yay!

Lets see... I finally returned to Toronto after working up north for a while with Dial Up internet... Something I thought I'd never see again. 

I come home to find out that my brother installed some crazy programs on the computer, the ones pretending to be an antivirus software... tons of addons for Chrome. This someone led to my Gmail account being compromised. Gmail account was used as a client to bring together 6-7 accounts. 

I got a message from rrplay saying that he'd been getting weird spam emails from me.... I'm really sorry if others have been receiving spam emails from me. 

I have 4 exams to write in a period of 30 odd hours starting Monday that I havnt studied for... now all I want to do is relax and catch up on whats been happening and buzzing in the tech world.


Its fascinating, being disconnected for a few months only to find out that PCI Express 3 is out, Bulldozer is out, Android ICS is out, LGA2011 socket is out.... AMD 7000 series cards are pending.

Holy shit!! I feel soo outdated with my information!

I actually like the Ericsson name branding. Sony Ericsson just has a good kick to it. Personally, I wouldnt want to buy a Sony Phone. Yes yes, I know, Coolice, how could you succumb to such low levels when only the branding of the phone matters. But lets face it, product branding plays a vital role in most products.

I just hope they dont leech off on Steve Jobs death as a marketing ploy. "iPhone 4SJ, limited time only, get the iPhone Steve Jobs edition" etc

Not surprising at all to be honest, but kudos to Apple regardless

Hey all, 

Thanks for the advice. The problem was with the motherboard, since it was used, the previous owner had toyed around with the memory clocks. My under powered 1333 mhz ram was being overclocked to almost 2133mhz (speculation) haha. At one point, after i accidentally touched one of the memory sticks, IT WAS HOT!!. 

So I cleared the cmos, defaulted the bios settings and voila, she worked like a champ. 3 days of running prime 95, the cpu averages out at 58 degrees celcius on full load and about 22-25 degrees when idle. WIN!

thanks for your quick answers!! 

I would hate to have bulge in my pocket with this device. As for the camera, I know a lot of people are complaining saying "Its ONLY 5-MP!?" but people need to understand that the megapixels does not mean quality. Its the lens etc that matters more than megapixel.

1gb of ram on the other hand, thats Amazing!

I had this for a while, well the older one for my htpc, my only complaint was that my thumbs would ache after a while when using the trackball. It would be cool if they had the optical sensor on the backside then you can actually use the entire device as a mouse when not typing instead of being limited to just the front. But eh, does the job

The motherboard was purchased used. I'll be at school later on, I'll try clearning the CMOS and try.

All the other parts are new