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Thats pretty cool. For me, however, the reason to still buy cd's is to rip the music into a lossless format. its almost impossible to buy digital music in such a format!

Couldn't pass it up for 40. Upgraded my windows 7 pc. Can you really upgrade a pc running the preview for only 40?

Good luck to all! And Props to HH for their awesome givaways! As usual, thanks to the sponsors.

Anyways guys been a bit dormant on the site for a while but I'm still reading articles here! Been really busy lately with my hobby and passion, timelapse photography. BUT, my HH rig is my main editing machine and is going strong! Still can't thank yall enough!!!! This rig is going to make someone very happy!

the functionality is the same for me, because I usually hit the start button and type the program, but the start screen really is obnoxious when running three screens in eyefinity or surround.

I used Windows 8 on my main of for about 4 days before canning it. I do still have it on my htpc though. I like the changes made to the task manager, file transfer, and much more. Being a desktop user I can't quite get on board with metro. Like stated in the article, wading through the metro interface is not quite productive, especially when on a 5760x1080 resolution! It's common for me to put tv episodes on one screen while gaming in the middle, and an internet browser on the other side. With metro, every time I bring up the start menu, the screen is blocked for w[censored]ver else might be watching. And I have to disagree about browsing media through metro. Searching while in the music task doesn't even bother looking in your library, but jumps straight to the music store, to purchase music you allready own. Once you are able to actually find your music, forget about finding what you want. As far as I can tell if you are browsing by artist, there is no way to quickly enter "artist album" to browse a certain artist's albums. The thing just seems dumbed down to me. Since when does everything need an app store? Sorry for the rant guys, but this needs a lot of work. I hope you can turn metro off for the final build

This is my favorite case on the market. I have been hoping maingear would offer it without buying a system, but the price point is too much for me to handle. I think it is priced much too high, but they will probably sell. Also, a lot of the folks wanting this for their "elite" system will have a custom loop planned.

Sweet! You guys are the best!

I thought DVI, or at least dual link DVI, carried more bandwidth than hdmi. Correct me if im wrong, but aren't Nvidia and AMD's 3d solutions limited to 60fps while using hdmi?

Congrats Der Meister!

Yes I do like the d90 very much.  The guy with the 5D is a real estate property photographer and We have been messing around with some property videos timelapse style.  Right now hes not quite sold because of the time it takes, so we will probably be shooting mostly video and using it as a slider for now, which works very well with the belt disengaged.

Other than that I want to learn more about Astro photography, and try some timelapses of that 


Thanks Optimus