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nice, but with my budget I can only dream

Just another way to get your name and pictures out for everyone to see. This is the only press she has had that was not a mug shot or something exposed..

check the flight attendants pockets and see how many of them are chatting with friends while in flight.

Wow thanks for the video. It still amazing how in the heck someone came up with that technology.

No child will ever play on an iPad at my house, my grandson (2.9 yrs old)plays on a NEXUS 7. Apple has done a great job, kids don't see a tablet they see an iPad just like anything done to a picture is photo shopped no matter what programed was used. My grandson loves to watch gigglebellies on youtube and as he puts it check email on it.

Just in time, my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas was to upgrade my computer. I have already upgraded the video and Hard drive so not it is time for the MB and CPU

do they like regular or super. Do like the E85 fuel.....

Well I did my part and bought the Xbox One ,well my wife and son did by buying it for me for Christmas. I will get the PS4 later in the year. Just not sure what to do with the old ones, I guess save it for my grandson(he is 2 so I still have a while ). I hate the fact that I have all those racing games for the Xbox360 and the PS3 that I can only play on those machines. I do not have the room on my desk for 4 consoles. I moved the PS3 to the family room TV to make room for the Xbox One

No matter what I still ONLY play racing games on the consoles and play shootem up games on the PC.


please steer away from Windows 8. I would like the job and at least draw a few pay checks before they can me. That would have to be one heck of of a pay check and a very big pain in the foot......pass the tums please

Bought my wife a new computer that came with win8 and she did not like it at all and told me to take the computer back. Ordered and a new copy of win7 and now we are both very happy