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Yea I counted ~10,000 per minute. 23.25 million left, leaves ~1 day 14 hours 45 minutes. Though that rate will probably go up tomorrow, I revise my previous prediction from today to tuesday morning around 9 am.

 No prob, glad I could help.

Scaled up, the blades would be much bigger and not have to rotate as fast, making less noise.

Plus, as you said, a higher altitude limit would put it out of audible range (or at least to that of background noise).

Can you do pics of the other things that came in the shipping box too? I want to see the TWKR box and stuff toooooooo

Fire it up and show us shots of the insides working, I want to see that WC system operating.

what the heck does fleet management mean? Not explained anywhere in the article, is it for cars/semi trucks or something?

it isn't a filesharing site, strictly storage space it seems.

That being said 2 GB for free with their ungodly expensive service is nothing.

50 GB for $50 /year or 200 GB for $100 /year is in line with all of their other overpriced services.

+1 for comcast for trying to provide backup storage for their customers

-5 for the overpriced service they are offering (tho that is status quo for comcast)

Spending time with and studying any source of information, whether electronic, paper or oral, will generally make you smarter.

I think that the Imagining the Internet Center needed to prove that they deserved continued funding from Elon University and put out a paper.

sssss spam

This is the best idea ever.....

Because when we take a cruise to a tropical, warm, sunny area to get away from our dark, fluorescent lit, computer/desk jobs, we want to be in a dark, fluorescent lit room working on computer stations....


That being said, free internet on a cruise ship would prob be liked by a lot of people on cruise ships, though this I doubt would be free.

Wall of Text crits Soupstyle for


Soupstyle passes out from eye strain.