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I do need a serious box. Something my laptops can't match.

If I have Excel open a text file and it doesn't recognize the delimiter (comma or tab), it opens a query to have you select a delimiter and field marker. The LibreOffice Spreadsheet module just sends it to its text document module. If you have to deal with non-standard data file (e.g., space-delimited), it's a real pain to work around.

Freebies are always nice

"six displays" ?? By daisy-chaining?? Deceptive!!

If you can justify limiting yourself to Dell Latitudes (not all) or Dell Precision laptops, you could use Dell's E-Port or E-Port Plus docking stations. These use a dedicated docking port (not slow USB 2.0). The E-Port Plus even has two DP and two DVI ports for multi-monitor setups (what I use with my Precision M6400 for PhotoShop work).

I agree with mentaldisorder about Nvidia or ATI offering external graphics card solutions for multi-display setups (and using USB 3.0!).


Yeh, I guess sticking it under the desk or in a closet would save me from having to get a can of spray paint. Or is it supposed to look like a toy?

To each his own.

Specs are great -- I'd lose the ugly skin if I got it.

At the very least, provide a tag for the product itself or the product category (particularly if its new) or the emerging technology, etc. You might provide a limited selection of tags and we could select which one(s) we'd like to follow. I suppose, for the sake of completeness, you could provide what would be superfluous tags (like USB3, motherboard) which wouldn't be necessary since they're common threads. However, the real value would be for the less popular product categories/components. For instance, for now, I will only consider Dell Latitude and Precision laptops because I like their Plus port replicator that allows me easily to use dual monitors with my laptop. If alternatives presented themselves, I'd be interested, so I'd obviously be interested in any "port replicator" or "docking station" products that came along


As far as your sample link, I was thinking of something much more specific.

I was just thinking of all the times I've read about an idea/enhancement/component/gadget that looked like it might be interesting, but I then I may miss any follow up article and I forget about it. Although I try to visit your site regularly, I may not always recognize a follow up article -- particularly if its months removed from the original.