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over priced?? when it came out last generation, it was at times CHEAPER than buying a standalone bluray player -- plus being a console with an internet connection, it could receive updates for playback, unlike most standalones back then, I know people that paid 7-800 dollars only to have them basically useless a year later because there was some new spec that stopped new disks from playing,, the PS3 was great value, was priced comparitively to the 360

I'm not even someone that bought a PS3, but I have no issue defending it there,, I think it's biggest weakness was the internals and how to write games for it,, much easier to write games for other consoles.

liking the gigabyte for being a HTPC/Media server,, all 3 boards have lots of sata, but even 7 ports can be low, nice to see 3 x1 slots for cheap raid cards that you can get with some wd drives..

my current setup has 5 HDD & 1 SSD but no more ports available even after adding a raidcard (dvd drive uses 1 sata as well)

Even if you choose to amp this one up a bit with a decent GPU, you would still have 2 x1 slots left, the other boards make leave you with 1 or none

for handhelds, nintendo should drop out of hardware and jump on the software train,,

No more R&D on hardware and just create a nintendo 'app' that can play games for each platform,, they'd be able to sell games, etc and I'm sure would sell like hotcakes,,,

I am in no market to buy a handheld console, nor will I buy 1 for any of my kids,, I have an iphone and my kids got ipads,, plenty good for gaming and can certainly play super mario, IF IT WAS AVAILABLE,, I would TOTALLY BUY IT

There are alot of old nintendo games i would certainly play on my phone and i'm sure they'd be able to push alot of new ones, too...

Nintendo is becoming behind the times... they should just give in to the fact that iOS and android mobile devices are far more popular and more than capable of being gaming machines, perhaps they may not be 3D but really,,,,,, nintendo should stop trying to produce mobile gaming machines, spending millions of $$ on R&D for hardware and instead just concentrate on a software platform for the iOS and android market that would allow their games to be played and maybe offer a hardware gamepad that works with the device to make it unique.

I have an iphone, im not about to buy a 3DS to carry around as well, once you count in the wallet, keys and change, I don't really have any more pockets to make it easy --- and that is the heart of it, something that you will just want to carry with you, and not a burden,,

"Now, it's possible that that in Brazil, "street gang" is code for "Three dozen young men with bullet-resistant T-shirts, sniper rifles, AK-47s, Uzis, and Special Forces training."

You should watch Elite Squad, - makes it a bit more believable

i just don't like how everything is in the back of the subwoofer,, I don't keep a sub near my TV or my rack (in my basement the sub is like 10 feet away from the rack and in my livingroom, the rack is in the basement,, i'd be running super long wires just to make it work.

other than that, you're almost better off going with say the Samsung bluray all in one home theaters (i have ht-c5500,, maybe not as many inputs,, but really if you run the optical from your TV to the unit, you'll get everything that goes to your TV.

Maybe you'll have a bit less power too (RMS side of things), but honestly unless you blast it all the time, you won't really notice. and their front & center speakers are 2 way design. for 350, you get more functionality i think

my network is HOT

i've never even seen NYP on newsstands here

yes sounds good for sure,,, hopefully they come down a bit less than the 450-500 mark everyone tries to price themselves into -- you don't have as many followers as apple, so you're gonna have to take it on the chin for a while till your product or OS gains more footing with recognization or more apps, a place where apple has everyone beat at the moment

the playbook at 7" looks tiny compared to the ipad, but they want just as much money and dont have the programs, you won't want a playbook unless you have a blackberry and not all blackberry users are going to want a playbook.

i'd like a double s*** burger with extra cheese please.

new term for taking a #2 - "dropping a steamy salami"