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The big takeaway is their margins have fallen. It seems they are willing to temporarily lose money in order to eliminate the competition.

Thanks Joel H. I agree, great gaming laptops are hard to find. And equipped with a 980M, the price is reasonable. You find similarly priced laptops on the market that offer a lot less!

I am disappointed that the speaker is located on the bottom, which will result in muffled acoustics.

It's a bold plan, and I hope to see it succeed. By opening up the patents, Musk has allowed the electric car market to jump years ahead. The obtrusive patent system is one reason we have seen marginal increases in the tech and car markets over the last 5 years. Tesla is also one of the few car companies that don't use dealerships, another important innovation in the car market.

Oh Mario, Say it isn't so!

Do they realize that in-game videos is free advertising for their products?

Appears to be a substantial improvement even though it is 2x performance. Goes to show how spoiled we've become when a "2x performance upgrade" no longer sounds that impressive.

I owned the previous XP50 and went snorkeling with it over a vacation. Within 10 days moisture started appearing under the LCD screen, returned it promptly to Costco. When these cameras work, they're great, but be sure to buy one with purchase protection.

I'm especially excited to see the mobile options, nothing beats the i7 for speed and power consumption.

It's a behemoth alright, would make a terrific server chip.

I'm not surprised, Chrome is my browser of choice. My second option is FIrefox and I hardly ever use IE (just when I absolutely have to!)

I agree, but Ricoh is most likely interested in their patents. Canon and Nikon dominate the DSLR market, with Sony quickly catching up.