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6 ink tanks? that might be expensive to refill , my Pixma refills are about 50$ for both black and color cartridges together.

Oh yes I forgot, that is how the printer manufacturers get you (:

So Marco, how does this compair to the Aries? That is what I would be interested in knowing :)

Awsome build, it puts my poor cable management to shame, and Izzie is just so cute.

Now we just need some benchmarks, when you recieve it, Lamar [:)]

Thanx for the review. the board looks awesome, but while the bigfoot nic is nice, I have almost the same throughput with the dual nic's in my X58 UD5. (that is one of the nice things about this board, the abillity to chain the nic's together), and  who uses UDP anyway?

By fat78 on Jul 5, 2011

"It would be sick to have a raid config with these"

Yes it would be, I already have a raid'd ssd drive array and it is sweet.

Mind you my array is made up of OCZ Vertex2's, but the sandforce chips in those are verry fast. (:

so am I. [:$]

my 2 OCZ Vertex's in raid out perform 1 of them though, probably at half the price. :)

Another giveaway that I have no  a slim chance of winning  [:$]. The components look awsome though, and I can't wait to see the build video.

Good luck everyone, and welcome to HH all you newcomers, I hope you stay for more than the contest.


Are you still looking for a X38/X48 MB? I have an asus Maximus Formula you can have. (all you have to do is pay the shipping)

This giveaway sounds cool. I can't wait to see the video of Marco's build !! I know I won't win though. (: