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RIP, Gregg Allman
I really liked the music in Descent I & II.

Classic rock is my favorite, though.

First: Back up your important DATA right away. (this is important to do)

Find out what kind of drive it is and consider replacing it. Errors such as what you're getting usually mean that the HDD is slowly failing.

If it's an HDD you'll find that an SSD replacement will speed up performance, and system reliability is good too.

Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

Acarzt, honestly, I think MD was slingshotted forward in the GPU world when they mass produced HBM memory on a graphics card first. That was a huge step for them and a gigantic accomplishment. Because of it, they are much more known and the Fury will be a popular card.

AMD was already well known, most of us anyways.

That HBM memory reveal didn't translate into more sales. That is the bottom line.

NVIDIA's introduction of the GTX-980Ti on the same day ruined AMD's glory in a big way. 980Ti is faster and priced the same.

AMD may get that recognition for a new style of memory, but they still need to sell a lot more GPUs.

My screen does 60Hz @ 4K resolutions. It was hard for my two 280X OC cards to do it, but I just ordered three R9-290X Tri-X cards and I'm sure that they'll be able to do the job.
  Topic: Updated Rig
Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

How do you go about getting a mATX board?

Ya buy 'em, but I'm putting together an X99 build and it's been a lot more than what I planned on. Being on a retirement income I have to save up for parts. An i7-5930K is next.

  Topic: Updated Rig
Originally Posted by: StaticFX 

thanks Dave! I have a pandora case that I reallllllllyy want to use but I dont have the mATX motherboard to use it... so it sits there. lol

I have a Pandora sitting here with no build in it for the same reason. I need an M-ATX board.

Are you using a display port connection with the TV?
I game on two 27" screens for two PCs, and a 28" 4K screen on the third PC.

Both of the 27" screens are 1080P, and the 28" 4K screen is usually set to 1440P.

I don't know if a huge screen would be any good for my use, but the 28" is good to go..

The thing about 4K is that you need a lot of graphics horsepower to utilize it properly. I have an i7 CPU that's overclocked from 3.4GHz to 4.3GHz.

I'm using two 3GB R9-280X OC GPUs in crossfire with it.

The system runs on SSD drives, so it's optimal in a lot of ways.

With all of this, I can't game at 4K with the eye-candy turned up.

Maybe the new R9-390X will be able to do it, but I suspect it will take two of those to manage high 4K framerates in demanding games.

It's an expensive proposition.