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Topic: Details Leak on AMD's Upcoming Hexa-Core Processor   Go to last post
Posted: Monday, October 5, 2009 12:33:13 PM(UTC)

I think the big target for AMD right now is to try to stay within one generation of Intel and IBM in all markets.  AMD Hexacore target audience has to be businesses since most other non-server markets would not benefit.  More money is made there anyway.  Outside of the synthetic bench, I imagine AMD's and Intel's hexacores will be fairly comparable otherwise.  The big thing to watch for is getting over the "memory barrier" for CPU's is the next big hurdle.  CPU cache dealyed this issue but it is quickly looming now... I wonder who will solve the issue first...

Topic: Need help on creating a custom gaming PC   Go to last post
Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 2:14:05 PM(UTC)

interesting build and it sounds impressive, but my first advice would be to focus on GPU before CPU always since there is almost always a greater need for GPU for gaming (especially when you are planning a high end quad anyways). 

I would recommend getting the cheaper i7 920 (20% OC is not pushing very hard on a CPU and is easy going unless your chip is flawed or no bad cooling system) and spending the money you save on the GPU.  I haven't read updates on how well crossfire 4890 are doing but I have heard there catalyst is improving performance dramatically (but a single gtx 275 or 4890 beat the heck out of that SLI config anyways).

PSU is overkill and you may consider a lower wattage (like 750 which is still overkill) and make it one with higher efficiency (still name brand as well).

DDR3 memory won't see any real big bumps above 13333, but your choice is fine too with such a small OC anyways.

RAID 0 is usually benefit when you are spending that much anyways. (I haven't yet broken down to this point yet but might even consider solid state drives)

An electric cooler is way above an beyond what you need and I would just go Asetek.

Personally I would build this myself (or even find a friend or local shop that will do it for $50-150 or even free and save what I assume is a good bit of money unless this is a rocking deal you found)

Hope this helps.  There is plenty more to say but I need to study my ECG rhythms

ps i do like the fan controller choice

Topic: Need a simple Linux OS   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 4:59:38 PM(UTC)

any media player recommendations?  or do most work with most linux variations? 

I have heard good things about Mandriva and Ubuntu... I will try PCLinuxOS first... if they're as straight-forward as their name then it might be perfect

Topic: Blu-ray Can't Win Favor With PC Buyers, May Not Ever   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 4:09:27 PM(UTC)

I tend to believe that unless DVD technology like this becomes possible for cheap.  1.5TB DVD will end the need for blu-ray if it can be done for cheap.  But if DVD can do it than blu-ray will be able too for ridiculous file size increase because of spectrum choice.

Now let us all contemplate the need for 10 TB storage discs and weep over the data lost when the three year old boy discovers frisbees...

Topic: How Much Is My Rig Worth Now?   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3:57:53 PM(UTC)

I would say your monitors have retained their value since they tend to not lose value nearly as fast especially if no dead pixel or screen scratches. 

I would say $400 if no OS or linux for the rig or $500 if windows is on it.  That would be me.  Goodluck mate.

Topic: 64-bit Windows 7 compatibility?   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3:10:36 PM(UTC)

There is a notable difference for certain programs that take advantage of 64-bit architecture, but for the most part no difference in speeds, a few less compatibilities, and is the current evolution of OS.  Since Windows "8" is supposedly likely to be 64-bit only.

Topic: Need a simple Linux OS   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3:01:06 PM(UTC)

I am unfamiliar with using Linux (or any of the kernal variants), but I would like to set-up a platform that will run without any maintenance  after I give it to my friend for her birthday (my fiance's roommate since she will need computer after my fiance becomes my wife).  She is not be planning on buying any Windows games, and I am aware of software like WINE that can play windows games but at a decreased performance.

The major thing is that it must be able to run Microsoft Office 2007 for her college stuffs.  I have seen nice online replacements but do not know how well they work.  Here is one called Live Documents.  Any informed help would be greatly appreciated since I am so unfamiliar.  The free-er the better but i do not know if it is compatible (I also need a compatible media player)...

***Live Documents is great for those who have not found this wonderful site yet.***

I basically would like to set-up her computer to be able to connect the internet with IE (blah, i know but she wants it), write papers and powerpoints, and play DVD's and CD's.  I would like it to be compatible both hardware and software wise (things like adobe flashplayer and wireless adapter), and run trouble-free (as much as possible since I will probably be tech support).  The current system has the free Windows 7 RC but that will obviously need to change next year.

Much thanks

Topic: Firefox 4.0 Coming Late Next Year   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 2:21:32 PM(UTC)

3.6 is supposed to be released later this year and is supposed to embrace windows glass feature to its fullest (as well as run as fast as 3.5 beta).  I am very excited for Mozilla and as always appreciative of the nice add-ons.  Now if only they could get more steady support beyond the FF 3.0 architecture.

Topic: AMD's Low-Power, Six-Core Opteron EE Eyes Cloud Computing   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 2:14:50 PM(UTC)

To answer your question directly, windows (and any OS that updates) can be set to handle as many cores as needed and threads per core is theoretically endless, but on a practical level there are reasons for not seeing huge multi-core processors.  Here is a nice little article on the roadblock.


Basically the above articles reference the "memory wall" concept which just means that the cores are not saturated with code.  Cache was added to help extend the wall a little further out, but I am certain Intel, AMD, and IBM are working hard to be the first to get past the wall.  Here is the memory wall concept


Topic: Intel Debuts New Xeon 5500 Series Processors   Go to last post
Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 5:22:48 PM(UTC)

Talk about your server upgrades.  Considering there are yeilds as much as 93% faster than last generations intel server while using much less energy.  This is a monster upgrade, but for a pretty penny (or several hundred thousand).  Props to Intel for manhandling the performance crown and leaving AMD to shout that performance is not the only thing...