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Hey guys,

I just thought I'd share this great deal with HH.

If you purchase Black Ops through Direct2Drive it is possible to get it for US$44.96 if you apply the promo code "bigsavings" when you checkout (the normal retail price through Direct2Drive is US$59.95)

The promo code takes 25% off most games but it is "not available for pre-orders"

The sale ends "Monday @10am" (not sure which time zone)

As the NZ dollar is quite high at the moment it cost me just under NZ$60 for Black Ops when the RRP for a retail copy here is NZ$119 - So on D2D it is about half price! [:D] Through the Steam Store Black Ops is US$90 which is extremely expensive in my opinion.

The Release Date on Direct2Drive is November 9th, 2010 at 7AM PST so as far as I know D2D will send those who purchased it through D2D a Steam Key at that time so you can activate Black Ops through Steam. You can also download the game after purchasing (7.4GB) to be ready for when it unlocks! [:)]

Don't miss out! [:O]



I think your selections are solid so far.

I have a HAF 932 and I imagine the HAF-X is far better.

I think you'd probably need a good monitor to go with that [:)]

EDIT: The V8 is also a decent cooler for the price but there are better ones out there like the Megahalems

Have fun with the MSI gear Inspector!

I have an MSI Eclipse mainboard and an MSI Radeon 4870 and they're quite good so I imagine that the BigBang-XPower and two GTX 460's will be awesome [:D]

I hope you can persuade your parents to help you complete the build.

Congratz Tom!

Great contest Dave and Marco! (Worldwide [;)])

I'll probably enter for fun at some stage so I can be part of it and I hope the main prize and second prize go to HH readers who really deserve it.

Very amusing entries so far guys [Y]

I think yours is pretty well done Marius [H]

Congratz 3vi1! [:D] Hope you enjoy it [Y]

And I wish you well with your Mod Position [A]

3vi1's link is pretty interesting. I never knew HH went back that far.

The site seems like it was a lot more community orientated back then, and Davo and Marco had a good sense of humor :)

I love the personal tone in each post too :P

I had the R.U.S.E Beta a while back and I didn't really understand it completely (I only played for less than half an hour) but if I get the chance I'd like to try it out properly.

The R.U.S.E Version of the Xai doesn't seem like it offers anything more than a standard Xai. They could have included a ready made R.U.S.E custom mouse profile or something [:O]

On another note I got a new Mouse Today...the Razer Mamba 😃 It's been good so far but it takes some time to get used to [H]

I can't participate in this one but Good Luck to those that do! Another nice one Marco and Dave - it really can't get better than this rig [:O]

I hope this brings in many new members who stick around, and if you don't win remember the team at HH always have something up their sleeve [:P]

Congratz Rapid! You surely deserve that system. Have fun with it [:D] HH is sure the best at looking after its members [;)]