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Already fixed. :)

@RWilliams: The majority of Android codenames have been one word: Froyo, Gingerbread, etc.  You might be thinking of Ubuntu.

>> This is kind of like one top car manufacturer selling a model using a competitor's engine

This is tacit acknowledgement by Microsoft that people want Android more than they want Windows on their phone. If anything positive can be said of Microsoft in this, it's only that this is the first time they're making money on Android without suing another manufacturer for unspecified "patent infringement".

I recall the LAS guys doing a review a while back:  http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com/50352/steam-streaming-showcased-las-s30e07/

> "This doesn't make sense unless they're upgrading to Windows, 7, Linux, or Macs".


A good laptop can be used (with keyboard) comfortably in your lap, If it's like mine, the laptop will have twice the memory, 3x the storage, a bigger screen, 3x more powerful graphics, connectors this thing's missing, and a longer battery life to boot. And, that laptop costs hundreds less than the highest-end Surface Pro 3 to which I was comparing it.

I don't see any appeal in these things, unless your name is Brewster and you only have 30 days to get rid of your cash.

The "close to metal" generalization Microsoft's promising with DX12 seems to be a response to the fact that OpenGL drivers have been implementing the same thing and are gaining increasing developer support. NVIDIA's giving a presentation (with AMD and Intel) about it at GDC in a couple of weeks: http://schedule.gdconf.com/session-id/828316

Meh. All the cool people are buying their guns on Twitter nowadays anyway.

Seems like users would be a little suspicious when the app with the sketchy description ask them for permission to get accounts and write SMS messages. But, never overestimate a user's intelligence, I guess.

It appears the app (and any other apps FSE had on Google Play) has already been pulled from the store. I wonder how many users they actually got, considering there were already *literally* 70+ other free night vision apps in the store?

> Really? What is the point? Its a WEB BROWSER for gods sake. Utterly useless device for utterly idiotic people.

So, ever grandparent who just wants to surf the web and post to their relatives Facebook is an idiot? It's a $179, virus-proof, self-updating, web-surfing, Google Docs friendly NetFlix playing, media center box that can be attached to a TV for people that otherwise don't want/need a computer.