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overkill. i hvae 6 gigs and barely 4 gigs is sued on it. most consumer applications are still x86.

Thats nice that they are not going tack another $100 to those who already got it for $99.

i dont think they are pc that over a $1,000 haha. I kno they are both no one buys them as this article states.

My bad. I was really pissed. I'll edit that out.

Nothing is wrong, just stating that it does. I prefer different deisgns, dunno just like it better that way.

Man i saw this on Engadget, and can't believe all the jokes people are cracking about this story. Someone just died, and some loser is making jokes about him. If they happened in the USA, [censored]would be going down.

I thought it was $20 for the mouse. I woulda have jumped on that but 80 is too much to me for a mouse. I can't legitimize that.

This is so sad...Why do we need games in theaters. Embarrassing.

Looks like a Samsung..:(

  Topic: CPU Mag?

Dave_HH wrote:

Haha!  You guys took how many years to discover this??  Big Smile  Marco and I have had a monthly Q&A column in every issue of that mag for like 5 years now.  And both Marco and I write hardware reviews and feature articles for them on occasion as well.  Again, for the past 5 years or so... maybe more. Surprise

Anyhoo, HH is where our heart is but yes, we're on paper too.  God help you all!  LOL


you should said somethign so we would buy it and read it. :)