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I guess he won't join the forums anywhere soon 

 Nice information!It is very weird that he left the forum so early

 I hope more will do like this in the future

I guess AMD will draw blood from mosquitos from the table instead of Intel 

He had a pretty good time...and a lot of free time too it seems.. 

Well,the eyes don't get faster tired this way? 

 I want to tell you a story about the problems i had with my Western Digital 80GB

JB hard drive.After buying a new computer that contained this drive,9 months

passed,and after a reboot,Windows Xp was not loading at all and was missing some


I went to the service and i told the guys there that i have checked

and rechecked the hard drive and it was developing more and more bad sectors and

lost more data.They had formatted it in one hour with a program that put zeros

on the drive and after this SURPRISE!The drive had zero bad sectors.I went home

very confused,because i lost a LOT of data from this process,i reinstalled all

the programs BUT,after 2 months,the thing happened again.I was again loosing

files and went again to that shop.They said if the drive develops software bad

sectors,they cannot change the drive with a new one,so i must remain with the

damaged one.
So,when i went home i decided to CRACK THEIR HEADS by damaging

myself the drive,so the shop could change the drive.At home,i took a little

screw driver and made a short between the hard drive's motor contacts.The drive

went up in smoke,and the second day i went to the shop,gave the drive to

them,and i luckily managed this way to get a new drive.

Well,I do not buy that much hardware because I don't have money but my worst hardware experience is the following:


I bought my HP Photosmart 850 camera.
When i bought it at first,everything

seemed ok,but after a while,the camera's
defect started to be obvious.The

thing was when I made photos in natural light,on the pictures appeared a

dirt,always in the same place.After i figured this out,i went to the shop where

i bought the photo camera and after waiting a week and a half,they brought me

back a SECOND HAND camera,which was scratched all over the place and the

protective cap the camera lens was falling off.Also the camera lens were moving

left and right instead of standing still.I went mad and went again to that shop

to get the camera back.
After waiting TWO Weeks! they gave me another SECOND

HAND camera but this was already at the end of the guaranty.After a week of

using it i realised that this camera too had a big scratch on the camera

lens,but fortunately this is not seen in the photos i make.I also realised that

the camera i last received was 2 year older than my first camera.Shame on you

This is what i got after buying this 700$ photo camera!

 Granted,but you will still have money left to buy a car,so it will not be that horrible.

 I wish I would destroy the neighbours house

Ice,you scored yourself a very nice rig!Congrats and I hope it will serve you well!