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The thing about all of this that is interesting is the fact that the "keys" currently are in the hands of At&t and Comcast which is like letting your 8 year old drive the car for the family vacation. This free economy in some cases especially concerning those two entities is an absolute joke as they have been allowed to buy the whole market out. A non competitive market is no longer a market it is a committee and the committee in our country has strangled that old market to death. If innovation is held at bay for an extended amount of time it will die kind of like the economy in the US where you can no longer innovate and if you're seen doing so 1 of a very very few huge market players in any industry will stop you by either a buyout or a hostile take over. Then when they own your patents they fire you and unless that innovation agrees with their direction and cash flow it will die never to be seen again and nothing can be done.

I would bet that some of the logins or inquiries to TOR were done on a smartphone which the NSA and FBI etc etc have full access to and since it is an open connection that way they can just trace everything. Of course I would also bet that at least half of the desktop or laptop usage was done by people who were not the most deeply computer and or network literate individuals either heck I checked it out personally when I heard about it several months back and I was looking over some information about mining bitcoins and what had been happening with some well known server hacks etc (thats where I found out about it) and I wondered as from the description it sounded like an under the radar bitcoin ebay type concept. Then when I got on there about all I saw was drugs all of which or at least the greater part depending on the state you live in illegal. So my first thought was wow a lot of people who have no clue what there doing are going to enter this through unsecure connections and completely wide open and get busted for inquiring on here. Sounds like thats exactly what happened.

Congratulations to both of you!

As far as it goes me and my wife have two smartphones on 2GB of data and are fine with that we went over it once when I was out of town on business for an extended period (thats when I raised it up to 2 GB) and we have never gone over since in fact usually were below it by about 600 MB or so.

Yeah; I am debating on getting one of these or getting a Galaxy Note 4 and of course rooting it like all my other android devices so far. I think I would rather have this one but two things steer me away from it, the first is no addable memory, the second is it would be very useful to have the stylus and use it when customers sign work orders and receipts. They can and do currently just do the finger sign thing it would just be more professional if it was with the stylus. I know I could probably grab a stylus for it but it is the packaged thing.

The external addable memory thing is a big thing to me as well as I use my smart phone for everything from GPS, to accepting work orders from web initiated jobs, as well as calendars, scheduling, calculations, saving receipts, answering clients and on and on my phone is truly my computer in a holster.

Comment will never stop because they basically own the industry in this company. I subscribe to them because I basically have no other choice if I want good solid internet. Being that I run a small business and a lot of my work comes through the internet on my website and or one of the portals I go through for it I have no real choice but to have a solid internet. I did try Uverse with AT&T which in all respects is a joke compared.

It actually worked good for about a week until my neighbor whom I recommended it to got it at my recommendation because of the pricing and credits they gave you if you subscribed then my internet reliability and speed dropped roughly 40%.

I have actually also worked for both providers and know the backbone of their service as well as general per subscriber capabilities of course I worked for the Comcast first but either way I was a field engineer for both as well as subscribing for a short amount of time to Uverse (unluckily before I had worked for the for a year and therefore blindly) you basically have either these two as a choice where I live Charter which is the other cable provider available in some places in the state but not where I live, and or a DSL that runs through a different provider off of ATT's lines which will by default be less capable than AT&T.

There are a couple areas in Georgia where Google fiber is available and a couple where Verizon FIOS is available. For the large part though Comcast owns the high speed internet where I live and I would assume where most others live at least by the numbers if not for the whole country. When they buy out Time Warner (not to mention they bought out NBC Universal) as they are being allowed to do by our bought and paid for political system and representatives they will be a Monopoly for sure.

In all unless we do something with our current completely owned by the corporate and rich families political system which would take us all in a majority voting outside of the Republican and Democratic party both of which are so corrupted as to never be trustworthy in any realistic way we will have the same as we do now and therefore no real choices but the better of the very minimal providers available to us in our specific location.

As far as it goes Comcast will probably just give some minor credits to a few thousand people and then repeatedly appeal this until in the end the only ones who got anything of any substantial amount were the lawyers.

Believe it or not my electric provider was sued in the same way after several years of back and forth repeals and court cases we had $2.20 credited back to our accounts and of course by then the prices and other corruption were just raised and of course re-initiated because the same people and or friends of theirs had taken over the electrical provider.

So in the end nothing has really changed and in the future it will all be the exact same thing that happens here as Comcast is one of a very few companies which own our country outright just like locally the electrical company owns the political and therefore legal system I live in personally!

I added the add-on Neil and will check it out. Slickdeals has some good stuff I got several games for 9.99 with add ins included and there not top of the market but I got Assassin 3 borderlands 2 and several other that are top of the line for nothing.

Yeah that does constitute a minor difference between them just minor though right lol.

I was thinking about grabbing a Galaxy note 4 when they hit the bigger screen is useful when using field apps etc not to mention several of the other features add ons etc. I am thinking I may wait for Shamu though the Google 6 phablet from Motorola sounds to be better than any of these and the Galaxy note 4 as well although I am not sure if it will come with a stylus and handwriting recognition It is stock Android with the same screen.

nice bottom end for a new build just need a case and PSU and your up and running, the throw in a GPU and a bunch of memory with 4 1Tb ssd's running in raid 10 rofl.

As a note I had a customer yesterday telling me he was going to buy a used Apple and some replacement parts and have me fix it for him.

It took me six hours and roughly 15 text messages (I was at my daughters chorus performance and then dinner with the extended family) back and forth to explain it to him and get him to understand and accept what I was saying about that being impossible to do really unless you get a device and parts that match in date release device etc.

So he does not have to sell to the Apple users of which I have family members that have devices in that walled garden I try to tell them it is not the best idea and that they are influenced in what they can do etc.. This consumer group just has it on a new carrier now so expansion for the greater market is good.