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lol...Typical old Apple 😛.

 Egads, almost forgot about my giveaway thread..I've been gaming 24/7...=P..Titan quest is about to get my attention. For those who posted in my free gear thread, keep posted to it, by tomorrow or the day after I will post the results of who gets what. 😛...Thanks for reminding 

frg1: Anytime man 😛...

Coolzone: It takes a bit of getting use too, luckily nvidia has recommended settings that will suggest the best method. but I've always tested them out to see what they are. The only BIG downside is that if you change the reocmmended settings, you can't default them to normal...Talk about bad planning/programming 😞. But luckily, Nhancer will tell me exactly what those recommendations are so I can change them manually to test their recommendations validity. But yea...It's defintely nice 😃....


BTW..Has anyone played portal yet?...DAMN great game!...hillarious..I really didn't expect to see the game going in the direction it did...But it was a very enjoyable experience. Although, VERY SHORT!, I beat the game in less then 4-5 hours. 😞...But it was a wonderful experience. I rarely got stuck though, I'm not sure if it was just too easy or if I'm just good at this sort of puzzle solving 😛 But the moment I did get stuck was over something so stupid that I laugh at myself 😛...I expected it to be complicated to get up into this vent. Spent 10 minutes looking around and trying to figure it out..Then realized.."Wait a sec...weren't there some chairs in the other room?"..Went back, grabbed two of them one by one and stacked them...Jumped on top and got through the vent....I laughed so hard at myself 😛. 

Also, for those who haven't played Team Fortress 2, It's a MUST! I'm so addicted I can't even put it into words 😛...I find myself playing it wayyyyy more then CS:Source...Which is great btw getting 80-300 FPS depending on the situation...compared to the 15-45 I use to get, average being But yea, TF2 = Rox! 

It depends on the title as I've learned with my first dual card experience for SLI. Some games just don't work well with SLI's split frame or alternate field rendering choices, so they have a single gpu choice which does everything on the first card, and if there aremore resources needed, the 2nd is used. Some games will take performance hits with the wrong settings...Try playing Crysis with alternate field rendering 1 or 2, or split frame, and your FPS will drop to like's But if you run it in single GPU mode...all is fluid, I played Crysis with single gpu mode, and the settingsI used were a modification of the dx9 Very high options through a modification to crysis. Some settings were very high, others medium...I was not getting extremely fluid frame rates...but I was in the 20-45 fps range from what I could tell by the naked eye....Average being around 25 or so...But cutscenes would mostly drop down below 20 fps to around 15-20 or so. Crysis is damn demanding..But the memory is also a heavy factor...ddr2-667 just can't keep up with this system, load timings for the OS, firefox, etc...Have all been better on a q6600 or e21x0 or e4x00 rigs I've built. Mostly due to the memory...So I need to get those kingston Cas3 ddr2-800 modules when they are released...although they will be EXTREMELY pricey. In terms of workstations as is..They are better at writing data then reading they are not necessarily the best gaming machines..You'd see a bigger performance boost by just going socket 775 quad core with some fast memory and a raptor drive...But for workstation uses...This rig will slap aside a socket 775 rig like it's nothing 😛..Thankfully I will be using this rig as a major workstation machine once I get a large amount of gaming out of my system.

 frg: It's quite easy to pop up a craigslist ad, just pop one up with what you're capable of doing. If you want you can also place your experience knowledge as well with computers in general. Be flexible in pricing based on the persons budget....The most IMPORTANT FACTOR! friendly, no body likes a mean tech guy 😛. One reason why I get so many referrals from past clients that I've built/fixed rigs for, is because I'm a very friendly person. While I'm their trouble shooting I chit chat with them and crack jokes...I'm a very light hearted individual that looks for the plus sides in life...Fortunately it helps me get more recommendations just being my self. Now I'm not saying you should try to be funny or anything...But just be yourself, but be kind 😛..That's served me wonders...With my up to date knowledge as well on computers, my lengthy recommendations on what they need based on what they do always helps them out a great deal...No point going for over the top if you aren't going to use it, but going below what they need is a bad way of making a customer feel like you really didn't care...So I put a lot of effort into figuring out exactly what they need and recommend numerous solutions off that based on their budget. If they want a lot of performance for very little, I recommend overclocking as an option but it requires a bit of time and the computer in my hands for stress testing, I charge a little extra considering I have to fine tune the system....If something does happen, I still charge for heading down to fix something if it's OC related..but if the problem is VERY minor..I just basically cover the charge of gas there and back with 5 dollars ontop of it...If it's extremely close..I don't even bother really, recommendations serve me FAR better then charging 20-40 for a very small and quick fix. ^_^

 So yea..Be helpful, be gracious and kind, and most importantl..Be flexible...

I haven't put it on craigslist although I was planning to, but I'm going to wait till I get all the gaming out of my system before I do so 😛. 

ice91785 wrote:

Why not just use a "universal" media player for your quicktime trailers? I know you are a media what are your thoughts on VLC? (its what I use for all odd file types when I don't desire having extension-specific players all over my PC)

Also if you know of a way to DL just iTUnes w/o quicktime you should let me know (I mean aside from just un-installing Q.T. after the install is complete)

Safari -- meh; unnecessary in all respects as it does less than firefox and in some cases less than IE (*GASP!!*) so why bother?  Security isn't as much of an issue with Macs so maybe they aren't used to programming as such - when they address this a bit more and add some extensions maybe I will play a little more with it


 I actually don't use Quicktime...=P...I use FFDshow, hallimedia splitter, and Matroska. Basically, I can decode any format via any player I want. So I just use MPC, my player of choice 😛. But back in the day, I did have to download quicktime for friends when I wanted them to check out a trailer. Apple trailers has some fantastic quality HD trailers, that's for sure. But I didn't want to install my package preference on a friends rig and throw their system out of whack when it comes to what they're use too 😛. But yea, Quicktime Alternative + Real Alternative and your set as well....All the formats I play are decoded in MPC via FFDShow 😃...I love it 😛. What's also nice, is that ffdshow let's you tweak video as well, post processing, bright/contrast adjustments even to a single RGB value, noise reduction, debands, blur, sharpening, deinterlacing, crop, resize, etc...Everything all in real time if your processor is capable enough 😛..which mine truly are now ::bows to hothardware:: 😃.

 If you guys have any questions regarding media and other issues, just drop me a pm or response 😛. Whether it be meda issues, HD Decoding, media encoding, etc....

BTW..Regarding Itunes..ATM I believe they have it separately, just checked, and it doesn't state it including it into the downloader. What I was stating before way a while back, you were forced to download both and install both. Talk about scandalous, but I guess a lot of people complained consideirng you can download them individually. 

Well I work out of my home 😛 none technically. I spend time building/fixing rigs for people through referrals/recommendations. It doesn't make a lot of money, but I'm able to help support the family a little by throwing in some extra income to pay the bills while I continue researching on the career path I want to follow. Building rigs is obviously the easiest though 😃....Just build it, play games while windows installs, also play some games while I run memtest, etc. for hardware diagnostics to make sure everything is in working order 😃. 

The beast definitely fits the name description well 😃...I finished crysis a few days ago...Great game, ending was a bit bleh...=P. I've been playing TF2 and CS Source a LOT...even though I have all these other great single player games to go through such as bioshock, titan quest, the witcher, etc. Definitely fun stuff 😃...But TF2 is just so damn addicting >_< Great game! 😃...I really do need to get to work on this rig considering it's a workstation dream...but having too much fun with these new titles I'm able to play 😃.

Deathman: Thanks for the heads up on the GPU temps..They're fine now though..They hit around 58-60 on load with these fans I rigged in. Not bad at all for me. I was considering Thermalright heatsinks for them as well..But I don't have the room for it inside the case for two cards. I have a X-Fi Prelude in there as well 😛.

Regarding the CPU....I really do want to get a new case, coolers, and memory..But I just don't have the funds for it right now..Only downside of thes FBDimms is they are pricey 😞. I'd pick up a sexy Cosmos S 😃....but yea...don't have the

 Fixed the sig 😛

Drago wrote:

Give us pictures you selfish geek lol j/k  

 seriously though, get some pictures up, or Davo and Big Wop will have to come down to your house and take it away from you.

Lol!..Check the first page! 😛...I edited them in guys...=P