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 There's a few of those done with 3 and4 loops over at XS forums, Lian-Li cube is about the only case I like better than my UFO.

recoveringknowitall wrote:

Nice shroom wallpaper in the back Bite!

If I remember right that's either from Digital Blasphemy or Visual Paradox.



Digital Blasphemy.................[:O] From the free DL section.

Looks likei's going to be a killer rig when it's finished.

 I lokes mesh, they collect a lot of dust over time, but I like it anyways............[:P]

 You could always contact the maker of your MoBo (support) and ask them exactly what the limits of your MoBo fan headers actually are, I'm sure that they can't all be the same, at least I wouldn't think.


Only problem with emailing them is that it may take a few days for them to get back to you. 

 Just a little update on my score...............[:O]


Arctic Silver Céramique is all I've been using for years, I stick with what works well for my needs.

 I agree that a case is one o, if not the most important component if its what you're looking for and plan on keeping it for years on end.............[:D]


I got extremely lucky when I got my UFO several years ago, it was my dream case and still is. I got it as a review sample back when I was writing for System Cooling and it's been in service from that day on. I've been through countless other brands in every shape and color over the years with my test rig, but I keep my old UFO as my main case because there it's any other one out there that fits my needs and taste (at least so far), the Lian-Li comes the closest though. 

 Last time Ichecked with a MoBo vendor, most if not all fan headers are limited to 6 watts (0,5 amps) so you'll need to be careful when using a splitter with dual fans. If you're not wanting to use a controller, your only other option would be to use 2 seperate headers, make sure to use 2 with RPM monitoring/speed control if you need that feature. Most MoBo's these days have more than enough heaters around the CPU socket area to do what you're looking at without running fan wires all over the board.

 As they say in the OC world, drive them like you own them.............[:O]


A 450 FSB isn't pushing things all that hard, 500 or better is what I'd concider a bit on the harder side of things, all depends on your cooling. 


You also might want to take a look at the MSI P35 boards, they offer a great performing stable platform at stock settings and OC with the best of them. Their customer support is also great along with their support forums.