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 After living with an old machine like he did for a long time he's just re-discovering the joys of an up to date system, which can lead to addiction, divorce, loss of sun tan, and disorientation due to 3d graphics making you dizzy.

Amazing contest! Beautiful hand painted case, amazing platform. You all never cease to amaze me with the contests, great reviews and forum community.

 I can understand wanting to keep traffic up while hammering out a new contest, but how about contest ends on this date, and we will announce the winner on this date and time?



Cheating in online gaming happens, more and more the cheaters get their serials banned.  Might have been a more appropriate response. 

 No winner yet? 

FlyinBrian wrote:

i feel like i am trapped in the longest episode of Jeopardy ever with the theme song playing in the back ground.



Tis dragging on a bit. 

 You haven't heard, their actually counting the number of post contest replies in this thread and the one with the most loses.



I bet the contests ending really drives up traffic, got a sweet 9 hours sleep, nice long breakfast, little quality time with the honey.  They'll get to it, there's always cheaters to weed out and such.

I'm looking forward to congradulating the winner, but I'm not staying up all night to find out who they are.  I've never had any luck winning, I enjoy the forums even though my luck stinks. 

I generally use a hardware firewall, seems like the software firewalls eventually clamp down so hard they have to be uninstalled and reloaded.  That and their so obtrusive that they interfere with computeing, have to be adjusted, programs have to be tuned for them.


Keeping a good clone though in case some one or some thing does get through.


For Vista it's still dual boot for me.  Needs more maturity.