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Remove that quote !

Aol are very bad at customer support i can hardly understand them and the things they come up with are hlilarious they havent a clue on connection speeds either im paying 14.99 and getting a 56k connection they are a rip off comapny who i hate

dude whats ur msn
I have just read custom pc and amd and found out that the Athlon will be ditched soon along with the Am2 motherboard after they got pissed of with intel they have now bought out the quad core series
witch will run like a dream with the ati witch amd have recently taken over

lets hope amd and ati start shwoign there horse power but to be fair amd have not had alot of time to focus on there cpu after taking over the big vendor ati. but hopefully soon this will all change.

AMD expects true quad-core and dual-core AMD Phenom-based desktop systems will ship in the second half of 2007.

Originally posted by: recoveringknowitall
A 2 card configuration with Nvidia cards is called Sli and improves(but usually doesn't double)performance. Rather than 2x 8600, go for 1x 8800gts or gtx if you can afford it! Make sure the power supply is @ least 550/600 watts if you plan to go with the gtx, 500 will suffice for the gts.
  Topic: Upgrading
As an amd guy i know i dont belong in this part of the site but to be [censored]nst amd have jsut taken over ati and havent had a chance to put tiem and money inot tthere cpu and gpu gear yet give them a chance and atch as they take the lead they had a slow start but lads they will get better
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i was looking at pc world and this gt 8500 came up as a dx10 here is the link

is the 8500 really dx10 or is that a mistake