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 ah well I'd really like to get some better ram but I really cant afford it.

 So I've hit a wall. So far I've overclocked my e6320 to 2.22 Ghz and for a while that seemed to be enough but now I feel that I need more but theres a a problem. Everytime I try to set my fsb over 1270 the comp doesnt start and I have to reset my CMOS. I overclocked my 3 gigs of ram to 634 ghz from 533 and tried to go past 1270 again but no luck. So iI need help, what should I do?

my volts:



cpu vtt-1.35


I'm using a abit fatal1ty fp-in9 sli mobo with a 500w antec psu and two sticks of 512mb samsung ram and two more sticks of kingstone 1gb ram. Thanks.

Hi, quick question. I'm going to buy some more ram for my computer, 2x 1gb kingston, and I was wondering if there will be any conflicts with the ram I already have installed on my computer now which is 2x512 samsung. Will it hamper the preformance having my old ram with my new ram?

windows vista home premium
fatal1ty fp-in9 sli mobo
500w antec psu
230 gb seagate hd
intel c2d e6320 oc'ed to 2.22 ghz
nah thats ok, Im happy with it a 2.1ghz. I suppose I could push it as far as 3 ghz but for now its prefect. thanks!
Ok so I got it up to 2.1 ghz today and my score raised from a 4.8 to 5.0. woohoo!! thanks all for helping
Ok so I followed your instructions and upped my voltages. My current voltages are cpu-1.40v cpu vtt-1.35v nb-1.31v. At this point the highest I could go was wth a FBS of 1120, I tried 1125 but I was unable to boot into windows. I really want to get to at least 2.1ghz, 2.8ghz would be the sweet spot for me but I'd be happy with 2.1 ghz. Its really just as long as I get over 2.0 ghz. Well I trued again today and I already got it to 2.02 .
advanced chipset features
advanced bios
k, thanks

ok heres a pic of the main menu of my bios and my softmenu menu, should I upload more?
nope I have a after market cooler and I sticked with the stock voltages