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I have been searching for a gaming 22 inch monitor and now i am between those two it seems that the Samsung is more popular but i read a review that says that the VS is siglhty better what do u guys think, which one would you select


thanks:)  and sorry for bad english

feel free to sugest another 22 monitor


those tamperatures are ok:)


48C isn't bad it is within spec, anyway if u want to cool it a bit u can add a small fan(40mm) or a third party cooler, thermalright make some good heatsinks.

Hopes it helps and sorry for bad english 



sorry i forgot one question :)

does the tuniq tower 120 fits in the case without any problem?

i'm in the market for a new case and i really like the antec p182 but i am not sure of many things so i need some help preferably someone that owns one.

1- does one 8800 gtx fit on it since it is a mid tower case?

2-can the top and back fans be removed and remplaced for other ones and still use the back fan controller?

3-does long psu's like the PC power and cooling silencer or the Ultra x3 fit without removing the internal fan?

4-can the ZALMAN ZM-MFC1 Fan Controller be mounted and still be able to close the front door?

sorry for the bad english and theanks in advance

I am not sure what is faster one wd raptor 10,000rpm or two ws caviar 7,200rpm in raid0 if someone has own a raid0 setup and one wd raptor please give me some advise


tahnks in advance

i was wondering if my rig could run crysis at maximum quallity at 1600 x 1200

c2d e6850 oc to 3.4 ghz

evga 8800 gtx

2 gb gskill 4-4-4-12

TT 850w

evga 680i


thanks for the help

This are my recomendations:

1- an AMD x2 6000 is a good deal at $170 but if u search power i would strongly recomend going over intel core 2 duo, for $190 u can buy one of the new e6550, for 225 an e6750 or for 329 the e6850 (in some days this price will drop to 266 or something close)




if u want more power go for a quad core q6600 but this tecnology isn't mature yet i will recomend a dual core

2-if u go for an Intel pc u will need a intel mobo i would recomend a good brand p35 or if u have the money and want the SLI posibility an nvidia nforece 680i

3-the memory u choose is good but there are better ones u will need one if u want to oc if u don't then that should do the job my recomendation is g.skill 2gb kit

800mhz 4-4-4-12


4-the 8800gts u are watching is the 320mb version there is a 640 version for 374 plus 30 mail rebate but if u have the money go for a gtx or an ultra(at 600 bucks is a good deal specialy if u think that some months ago it was at 800 bucks!!! but is up to you


5- the storege is fine!! ;)

6-modern mobos have very good on board sound so a sound card is for profesionals or for extreme gamers if u have a low budget go for an creative adigy i the sound is very important for u go for a sound blaster

7-if u want post your budget so we can give u better advise

8-hope this helps

9-sorry for the bad english :)



thanks for the help:)

If u want to go SLI i would say 8800 GTS, two 8800 GTX are overkill since u are not playing at super high resolutions, but SLI and crossfire are better worth if u play ar 1900x1200 or higher

one gtx shoul do the job very well for 2 years.

In other words  to my knowladge and opinion go for a good brand 8800 GTX, if u have enough money then go fo a second one.


Hope this helps and sorry i am not very good with english ; )