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I so desperately wish this thing worked as a phone. They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and the only way I'll ever have a decent camera with me is if they just suck it up and build a decent phone around a good camera like this. I don't care if it's twice as thick as the hottest phones nowadays! I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I could make calls on it.

I would miss it. There aren't enough decent alternatives around here and sometimes I just have to have something NOW.

I can totally get behind the order of games on there. That's pretty much the exact order I liked them in!

I was sorely disappointed by RO2, though I'm glad it made it on this list since I'm an RO fan. The worst part is I don't know what I don't love about it! It's like it lacked some ethereal quality, like love or something.

Yes, please.

What case did you use, InfinityzeN? I'm looking for a tower for a new build, and this one delights me with it's vertical orientation.

Anyone know of a 3rd party case that has vertically oriented PC card slots like this one? That or if it's possible to just buy a Black OPS case outright?

Agreed, bob. I love you guys at HH, but please, please don't go down that route of fear and anger mongering that so many other news services have taken.

From everything I have poured over pertaining to the Hulu Plus service, it will be nothing but good for us all, though I don't particularly feel the need to watch older episodes.

Now, if they were to offer a $20 service that did all that and cut out ads, I'd be all over it in an instant. I can tell you right now (any Hulu execs listening), $10 or $20 from me is worth way more to you than your ad revenue, since I actively avoid buying products from ads that are forced on me.

These look really cool, actually. I'd buy them! I have been rather curious to try a proper 5.1 headset for some time, but have already spent so much on headphones I probably shouldn't just go experimenting. If any of you guys get these, please leave feedback on newegg or such.

I'm with xyclear. I have both a set of PC 350 and PXC 350 (noise cancelling) and I must say, I love them both to death.

The PC 350 set is really great for gaming, and the mic sounds good to others, though I find it is highly directional, so it has to be in the right spot for them to hear me. It doesn't pick up any background noise, though.

The PXC 350 set is noise cancelling, which I use for work and travel. All 350 series have a very high impedance, which means normal sound cards can't quite produce the sound quality they were built for, but the PXC 350's noise cancelling unit (built right into the cups) also acts as a very decent amplifier. So, whenever I want to hear something in very high fidelity, I turn on noise cancelling, even if I don't care about ambient noise.

For true quality listening at a fairly reasonable price, I'd say go with the PXC 350, as it can be had for around $250. Best money I've ever spent, I think. Also, interchangeable and replaceable parts ftw.

The very best sounding headphones I've heard, though, were Sennheiser HD 650s, I think. A friend had them hooked up to a really expensive amp. It actually might have sounded better than real life. They cost him over $600 just for the headphones, though.

That's pretty awesome. I like thinking something like this might happen to me some day :P

I happen to be quite fond of this mouse's appearance, Bob. I've been drooling over it ever since it first showed up at CES. I'm definitely getting a RAT 9 when it becomes available. I just wish they had given a release date so I could start properly counting the days :P

Quality is something I look forward to finding out about. I'm glad to see it for sale on Amazon, as I'll return it if it sucks, but since Mad Catz bought up Saitek and supposedly made them in charge of these sorts of things, I think it'll be alright.

I also happen to be in the market for a wireless keyboard, so I'm quite pleased by what I hear about the new Eclipse one. I'm especially excited for the fact that it has backlit keys, as no other wireless keyboard I've seen does that, and I game on a couch in a darkened room.

Thanks for the heads up, HH, otherwise I might have missed that snazzy keyboard. I need to start saving my pennies!