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Hey all - i am currently running two of the following cards in SLI:

BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OC2 320MB PCIe

I can run the most basic games nice with them without a problem. But for whatever reason most games still have a big problem with lines across the screen. I think it has something to do with v-sync? Is this true? Do i enable/disable it? When i play Warcraft i have no issues at all, as soon as i play a FPS such as BF2 or Crysis etc and shoot stuff, i get screen 'tearing' and it looks awful.

Even when load screens for bf2 show, it shows these, so surely they shouldn't be there??? Its not my monnitor either as i just bought a new 24" monitor and plug in via DVI comparedt o my old 19" with VGA.

Any other solutions? Questions? Comments? Help!?


Hey Folks,

I currently run the following system:

Dual core E6400
4 GIG G.Skill PC6400 (800mhz)
BFG 320mb 8800 GTS OC
500GB Maxtor HD (failing-buying new one)

I would like to upgrade my motherboard. I curently use a dual core, but would like to upgrade in the future to a quad core. The reason i am upgrading as i am using XP right now, but would like to switch to Vista - but currently think some of my hardware is causing issues with it. I know this might not be nescessarily true, but i still like to use that as an excuse to get a new toy!!!

Sooo, my new board would ideally be someting that can handle all my current parts...but also be able to be upgraded in the would like to get a quad core, another vid card, better sound card etc...

So is there a motherboard you guys can suggest...but my main problem is that, as a college student, im on a rather short budget... i would like to find something under 150 or so. If its under 120-130 that would be great - obviously im not looking for the best quality board, but something standard that will do well for the future too. (meanign next 2-3 years ie one more ram/cpu upgrade).

I am currently looking at the following:

What do you guys think of these? Any good - are there any others you guys could suggest?

Also, i have a old maxtor hd that is currently failing ... i have run a test and it failed, so im pretty sure its going to die on me in the coming weeks. I have backups made every couple of days with norton ghost, so im not concerned about when it does die, i just need a replacement to restore my ghost images to.

So, im looking at inexpensive drives, abotu 200-400gb as much more is silly, but as i have 500gb now, its nice to have, and if the price is right ill pay more for a few more GB's.

I looked at this:

What should i look for in a fairly decent drive? buffer? rpm obviously, altho in my price range that is out of the question for anything higher than 7200...

Any help with the above, that would be great.

Thank you!


Hey all -

 I would like to build a new Rig... and i have  budget of $3,000. Could you give me some ideas as to what i should get... im a hard core gamer and would like to stick with intel...

 Thanks all

Hey folks.

 My current rig is as follows:

Intel Dual Core E6400
4 GIG G.Skill PC6400 (800mhz)
BFG 8800 GT OC 312mb (PCI-E)

I would like to update my motherboard for a couple of reasons... first off, i think it is the cause of hardware crashes when trying to run windows vista (i always get a BSOD with hardware error - and ive tested the ram with memtest etc and all is okay, cant think of what else it would be, XP runs flawlessly with the rig, and has done for 2-3 years)

 So if i were to replace the MB, i would ideally like to get one that would run all my current components and have room for upgrades in the future, ... ie quad core, higher speed ram maybe another vid card for dual vid cards running sli...

So what would you guys suggest for new boards... i personally have always stuck with Asus but have gotten out of the loop in the past few years as i have had no need to look for upgrades etc.

What sort of board would you guys recommend... and i would like to keep the price budget rather low for such buys - hopefully under mid 100's if possible... i COULD stretch it to upper 100's-200 if i thought it would be worth it.

 please throw me some bread crumbs!


Thanks all!

The RAM that i have should run at 800mhz - okay - thats good, but the motherboard should be able to run this kind of ram without any problems too though right? and if i can make it run at 800 mhz vs 533mhz, would i notice any sort of a difference? I would like to get as much speed out of what i have - and as i mentioned above, look into updating in the near future...

 Please let me know what you think again - if possible do you think you could help me through editing my BIOS at all? I have gone into it a few times, but i just end up getting the computer to crash and i have to take out the battery on the CMOS to reset it --- any ideas how to get it working @ 800mhz without crashing it when forcing the RAM to work at 800mhz?

Thanks for your post. Very helpful. My other question is sort of mentioned in your post. I want to upgrade my RAM if needed - what ram should i get... i am currently running PC6400 ram in my P5NSLI motherboard - but the memory is only running at 266mhz - is this the normal speed for this ram or should it be running faster than this? Please let me know....


the timings i know are off, they are:
 DRAMFreq: 266.7mhz
CAS Lat: 4.0 Clocks
RAS to CAS delay: 4 clocks
RAS Precharge: 4 clocks
Cycle Time: 31 clocks
Bank cycle time: 14 clocks

I believe when i bought this ram it said something like 5-5-5-15 ... what would these values correspond to?


Exact ram specs from newegg site:



document.write(neg_specification_newline('G.SKILL')); G.SKILL


document.write(neg_specification_newline('F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ')); F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ


document.write(neg_specification_newline('240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM')); 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM

Tech Spec


document.write(neg_specification_newline('2GB (2 x 1GB)')); 2GB (2 x 1GB)


document.write(neg_specification_newline('DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)')); DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)

Cas Latency

document.write(neg_specification_newline('5')); 5


document.write(neg_specification_newline('5-5-5-15')); 5-5-5-15


document.write(neg_specification_newline('1.8V - 2.0V')); 1.8V - 2.0V

Heat Spreader

document.write(neg_specification_newline('Yes')); Yes

Should my board be able to run this ram at the posted speeds, ie 5-5-5-15 and 800mhz? If so, why cant i get them running that way on my current rig... i dont want to buy new 80mhz ram for it not to work at that speed...

Thanks again 

Hey folks.

 I am currently running the following system:

Intel Dual Core E6400
2 GIG slow cheaper ram (i think it says its running 533mhz at BIOS boot)
BFG 8800 GTS 312MB PCI-E
1 TB HD (2 x 500GIG 7200rpm Maxtor)

I would like to upgrade this system but i dont believe that quad core is the way to go just yet as the difference is minimal. (unless all you do is run benchmarks etc)

What would you guys recommend in doing - i would like a new Motherboard probably that could support quad cores and higher / faster ram. What sort of motherboard should i get that would support my current CPU but faster RAM and still support SLI...

Anything come to mind - any ideas... i would like to spend an average amount - somewhere between 120-250 at MOST for the board - but i would also like to get faster RAM if possible - could examples be given to go along with the new board - and i just want ideas, price i dont care about.


Thanks folks

Here is a image of my memory timings (they arent configured right i know - i cant find anywhere as to what all the numbers in my BIOS settings should be... nor do i know where to find the info... any ideas/help would be lovely...thanks.

This next image is the problem im having with my CPU. It is not constantly running with multiplier 6x and running at 1600 mhz when it should be running at 8x? with 2300mhz? Please let me know what the heck i can do to fix this problem. I know one person said make the mult. 9x but i can only make it 6-8x in the BIOS. (Im assuming i need to fix my ram timings etc before this CPU problem can be fixed??) should i just give up and try calling ASUS for support? Any ideas once again...thanks all.
OKay i will do that and see if that helps me out. Do you have any ideas as to where in my BIOS that setting would be. I know i have to make my settings into Manual but any ideas what kinda section it would be under? Thanks once again for your time.

I just also noticed that when the speed decreases the multiplier also decreases from 8x to 6x ... so that could be the obvious problem, does that make any diff to what i need to do? Thanks!
I am running the following rig:

E6400 Intel Core 2 Duo (no OC)
Asus P5N-SLI
2 GB G. Skills PC6400

I am having a problem with my computer running smoothly and fast one second then a few seconds later it runs slow. I have CPU-Z downloaded and noticed something strange. My system runs at 2300mhz just fine then one second it runs at 1700mhz. The only thing i noticed besides that is that the volatage for the CPU seems to change eratically (not by much, but by .2-.3 volts). Do you guys have ideas at all?

As for the CPU - what is a safe/good Temp for the E6400 to be running at? (idle/and under load).

Please let me know. Thanks