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Hey guys. So a couple weeks ago I said I would be getting a SSD as a Black Friday gift, and I did. So, now my question is: can I get your guys' help to get my machine optimized? It is set up a little right now, but I want to review some things.

My setup:
XFX 680i SLI
E6750(2.66 GHz) Currently OC'ed @ 3.3 GHz
6 GB Ram: 2 x 1 GB OCZ SLI 1066 MHz (5-5-5-15) & 2 x 2 GB OCZ Platinum 1066 MHz (5-5-5-18)
EVGA GeForce 285 GTX Superclocked
Windows 7 Ult x64

So, I have two main questions. One regarding my SSD and how I should use it exactly, and the other regarding my overclock settings.

For the SSD, I bought a 120 GB  G.Skill Pheonix Pro. I am replacing a crappy 150 GB Raptor Drive. I was planning to keep my current config of using my fast drive to run windows/programs/apps and my second larger drive to contain media/games. My second drive is just a 320 GB SATA II drive. So, with gaming performance in mind, what do you guys think I should do as configuration? Run windows as well as a couple of games on my SSD? Or will it not really matter so much if I just run them off the second HDD?

For the OC'ing: My main question is what should I do with my RAM frequency & timings? Should I try a ratio for best performance, or should I clock them as fast as I can maintaining stability? I believe I can alter my multiplier from 8x-6x or so. My main goal is to just run a nice OC as optimized as possible while being as stable as possible. Any recommendations?

Thanks once again for you guys. You guys are great, always responding within atleast a day and supplying advice.


Hey guys,

So we all know the shopping begins soon. I was wondering if there were places any of you guys preferred to check out for hot items like Solid State Drives or Video Cards.

Personally, I'm looking to get a new SSD. I was wondering if there was anything to watch out for/to look for when getting a SSD and where to possibly find some good deals on some. I'm planning on only getting a 80 or 128 GB SSD (64 GB could work if no good deals show up for the 80 or 128..)

What are you guys thinkin'?




Yes. I understand this. But, I would rather not lose performance, unless need be. I was wondering what would give me the best performance while keeping my system nice and stable. Either the 5-5-5-15 2 GB kit in the first position due to its faster timings or having the 5-5-5-18 4GB kit in the first position due to it being the largest memory capacity. I'm going to try to clock both at 1066 MHz, or at least as close as I can while having my CPU OC'ed to its ratio.

(On a side note, Der Meister. What do you think of your system right now? I remember the days I used to have a higher end machine than you. : p lol. Was there a noticeable difference with upgrading. I'd sure hope so, because your specs are very respectable. lol. And I'm thinking about getting a SSD around black friday time and hopefully finding a good deal on it. Any words about yours or what to look for or avoid?)


Hey guys,

It's been awhile since I've been back here. Just been busy with school and such ^_^ Anyway, I have an OCD/nit picky type of question.  I recently sent in my RAM to be RMA'd @ OCZ Technology (one stick just quit working-would just lock the pc up at a certain elapsed time, in both windows and outside(MemTest). I believe they will be replacing my RAM with a different but similar model, due to mine being deactivated by now.

RAM I have: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227181

New replacement RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227298

The cool part: it's a 4GB kit compared to a 2 GB kit. The concerning part: the timings.

I will have 2 sticks of the previous RAM plus 2 sticks of the new RAM used in my system. I have my Core 2 Duo overclocked from 2.6 GHz to 3.2 GHz right now, and RAM only set to 800 MHz, maintaining the recommended ratio (I believe I will change the multiplier to allow me to up my RAM's clock a little higher later). My main question is: Any advice for performance reasons.. especially which set of RAM should I have in the first position on the motherboard, and should I just leave the timings to default? Any advice on anything that I've wrote would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys. This site has a great forum community.


Elaborate, please. lol I'm interested.

Hey guys. It's been awhile haha. But, anyway, I have a question.

I'm having the issue that my current windows 7 ult. key isn't genuine.  Well, I know that I can obtain the windows 7 prof. and ult. upgrade keys from school at a good price.  If I were to buy a new upgrade license, could I just enter in the new key in my current OS? I mean.. that's what microsoft wants me to do.. enter a new, valid key. Because I don't really feel like going through and paying more than $150 for a new key.. or paying for an upgrade if everytime I want to reinstall windows, I have to install xp first.. then plop in the upgrade disc.. : /

What's your guys' views on this?

Thanks! Have a good one.

Hello all,

I'm having some issues with my cordless Logitech G7 mouse, actually. Weird, I know. lol.

Well, it's becoming more and more laggy and spits around.  Instead of being a nice smooth mouse, like it's suppose to be and used to be, it like to jump around.  Sometimes it's hardly noticeable, and other times I will move the pointer, and it won't respond til after a second or two, then it jumps to the spot where it's supposed to be.

I thought maybe it was a driver issue, but I've uninstalled the driver in windows.  Then I thought maybe it was Logitech setpoint not working well with Windows 7.  Then I thought it was iTunes causing a problem, but it started doing it even if iTunes wasn't open.  I swapped it out with a different wireless Logitech mouse, and I didn't notice it.

So, I figure it's gotta be the mouse.  But, before I go out and buy a new mouse, does anyone have any suggestions I should try to do?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Yeah that's what I was thinking.  Next time it acts up, I'll have to test the fans.  It's weird because it will come and go randomly.  But either way, I may just end up getting myself a nice aircooler.  Believe it or not, it may be more quiet.  The way they have this set up is that the main rear fan is the cooler for the water cooler.  And they butt up next to each other.  So even tho the water cooling isn't loud, the fan in the back cooling the cooler is very loud. : / haha  So could fix that also.  I guess we'll see. Thanks for the help.

So if I do narrow it down to the pump, can I just replace the pump and not the whole system? I mean how much would that run me?  I read somewhere also that for maintenance of water cooling systems, they need to only be replaced once a year.  I wonder if something does really need replace : /

Out of nowhere, my system started to make this noise. And it kind of comes and goes. I opened my case to try to solve where the noise is coming from.  I believe I narrowed it down to the water cooling system.  When it decides to make the nosie, it sounds like chirps, like from what a cricket would make.  Has anyone ever heard of an issue like this? 

If the cooler is going bad for some reason (it's only a year or so old) how much would it cost to replace just one piece?

I don't know much about water cooling, unfortunately.  However, I need to learn lol. I bought my system from Alienware (just for warranty reasons and even still I wish I would've just built from scratch). I'm pretty techy with troubleshooting anything else besides this : / haha figures.  So I guess it's time for me to learn.  I've just been so cautious with it because I dont' know how to install it properly : (