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I've already sunk 80 bucks on the processor, plus another 140 on a video card. I could swing the 100 bucks like you said for a new mobo-psu (priced it on newegg), but I'm leaning towards cutting my losses and returning the CPU if I can't get it working without more hardware...
I'm a bit of a hardware n00b when it comes to the newer hardware and compatibility, etc.. can a board support a P4 socket 478 CPU, but not a P4 socket 478 Prescott CPU? If so, can a BIOS flash fix that, or is this strictly a "I need a new board to make this work" problem?
I'm not sure. I looked it over for about 10 min, but couldn't find any distinguishing features.. just an average red motherboard.. bought it off a friend.
But wouldn't it throttle back to a speed it could use?
Hello... hardware n00b.. sorry.

I think my problem stems from an underpowered system, but I'd like to get the experts opinion, so here goes..

I've got a PC, Pentium 4, socket 478, 1.6GHz, with at 300 watt power supply. Recently I picked up at socket 478 Pentium 4 Prescott 3.0GHz CPU. I swapped out the CPUs and... nothing. System powers on, but no display, no beeps. The, I believe its, the CPU light, and one of the CDROM lights has a constant light to it, but no POST, nothing.

My thoughts on the possible problems are:

1. CPU requires more power than my PSU is generating (I've already got 2 cdrom drives, hard drive, and an AGP card that draws power directly from a power plug)

2. Motherboard BIOS may be too old, perhaps needs to be flashed?

3. Or a combination of the two

So, what are your thoughts on this, guys?