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 Do you have any Heatware or anything? I may be interested in the first one. Would you consider shipping first? I have Heatware under andrew1990 if that is of any use.

 I am interested. Do you accept organs as currency? Right now I have an extra kidney as well as an extra lung. Just hit me up on which one you want.



Honestly though, if I had the spare money I might actually buy it, but alas, I am broke right now.... 

 Ok, new items,


I got the following to add,


4 sticks of kingston 256mb PC100 sdram pulled from server      $35 shipped for all


2 Intel Pentium 3 550MHz 512k cache Slot1 Processors           $24 shipped for both


Several 120mm black fans                                                      $8 shipped for one

 I really need to get rid of this stuff. I am prepared to tradeany or all of this stuff for a decent PCIe Video card. All I ask is that you pay the shipping cost for getting it to you.

 Ah, yes, my collection over the years. If you are interested in anything I am flexible with the prices. 

Here is what I have for sale/trade. I would rather trade but money is as good as anything, right?


For Sale/Trade


Dreamcast + several games + 4 controllers (No RCA or power cable) 


 $25 + Shipping



Sega Genesis Multiplayer port (in very good condition with box and everything

Sega Multiport

 $17 shipped


Pentium 4 1.5GHz + Pentium 3 800MHz + 128mb PC100

(All work, take as a lot)


 $20 shipped


Huge Fans(maybe 200mm?)

(I did a side to side comparison against an 80mm fan and a 120mm fan

and they are big. I rewired one of the Papst so it has a molex

connector on it and it is super quiet. You will have to wire the other

two if you get them.)

(Model #s For the two PAPST- TYP 4124GX For the Comair Rotron- wx2m3)


 $30 shipped for all 3 big fan (ignore the 120mm and 80mm, which are not 4 sale)


I have more stuff which I will take pictures on request which are the following


Intellivision Game System w/ 1 game (No RCA Cable)

2167mb Laptop Hard Drive

Broken Pentium 1 300MHz Laptop

Linksys 5-port Hub

Socket 423 HP Motherboard with AGP/ RDRAM support

2wire DSL Modem


I am Looking to trade for the following

- PCIe Video Card with 256mb of ram and the minimum GPU of Geforce 6600GT/X700pro

- IDE and Sata Hard Drives

- Cathode Lights

- Fan Controllers

- 2 120mm fans (must be 2 different colors aka, red and blue)

- Other interesting PC related items???








Well, I have an old old Pentium 4 1.5GHz socket 423 and a HP motherboard that goes with it. I just dont have any RDRAM. If you are interested I let it go really cheap because it is just sitting on my shelf. 

Anyway I can get that P4? My Pentium D 805 burnt up and I am now on a celeron 2.66GHz... :( 





the card had 16 pipelines out of the box. This card is then basically a X800XT with VIVO at stock. I did not overclock it or anything so you should be able to get the performance even higher.

Also there is a cool blue led fan on the heatsink. It ran at under 60C while under load as well if that tells you anything.