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Let me start this off by saying that I have never used water-cooling in any computer I ever had. I have been looking into it recently because I want to get a new computer with the E6600 Core 2 Duo from Intel. I need some suggestions on what case to buy or a water cooling kit for this processor, and a motherboard that is compatible with it. I am looking to spend around $200-$300 on it, but preferably less than that. I want my case to be silent, but I probably will get some noise with water cooling, something I am willing to deal with. But like I said, I have never dealt with water-cooling and so I wouldn't know where to start.

Anything the users in this community can do to help me would be well appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
My bad guys, I meant to say the AMD AM2 (NOT DUAL CORE) instead of saying the X2. I think I'm going with the Intel dual core E6600, so if anyone has any other last thoughts, please let me know!!
Sorry, I forgot to mention how much I have to spend...

Right now I have like 1500$ but I didn't plan on spending it all, maybe like 1000 or so, but um why do you say to get hte E6300 instead of the E6600?

Alright guys, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I could really use some help here.

My brother is a hardcore AMD fan and has never bought an intel processor before. I have had 2 Intel processors in the past, both of them I was not as excited about as I was when I compared it to my brothers AMD's at the time. I have been doing a little bit of research and listening to opinions from different sources on whether to go the Intel dual-core rout or with the AMD X2. From what I have seen so far the dual-core looks like it is a much more capable processor for gaming. In the past Intel has been known mainly for use with general applications, but it seems like it has been making a big gaming debut lately. So heres the deal, I like to play games like Battlefield 2142, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, etc. basically games that require a whole lot of bang to run. My friend just upgraded his AMD 64 processor to a E6600 dual core and has been telling me what a world of a difference it is for him. My brother who I mentioned before says to go with AMD. If I go the Intel route I would be getting these accessories for it:

Vid Card




The particular AMD models I am comparing it to is the AMD FX processors, not the AMD dual core, I know they are 2 totally different lines but I wanted to spend around 300 on a processor and thats what it costs for the E6600 on (The AMD dual cores are like 600++ dollars, out of my spending limit for a processor)

And like I said I am a big gamer so I need a computer that can handle the next-gen games that are either out/coming out.

If you read this post and can give me some professional opinions they would really be appreciated. And if you have any suggestions about something that I could possible swap out in this setup (I.E. Processor/Mobo/Ram/Vid Card)

I thank you for your time and whatever you can help me out with.