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Originally posted by: ice91785
First of all, this should probably be more lumped in with your other F/S thread, second do you have any heatware or ebay feedback or anything? I speak for a lot of people I think in that we are a bit hesitant due to lack of actual pictures, and the fact that you are a newer member (no offense at all).

So with that in mind, if you could provide some sort of feedbacks that you have gotten from previous sales, I might be interested in the Gx2

I have ebay feedback - (praavincb). Nothing else. I swear to god that I have the item in hand, and it will be shipped to you. I wish I can be able to take a photo, but I can't. Stupid camera. But I can give you every, every contacting info from me. From my name, adress, phone #, wife, social security number...wait, forget about the last two.. lol....

I promise that you will get your card. I am not like others in this world who scam people. I am not here to do that. Please, again I am not a scammer. I wanted to get rid of the cards because there was no use for them.



Originally posted by: Super Dave
Caveat emptor.

What??? Please don't crap my thread.

I have a Brand New MSI 8800GTX for $610.00 Shipped, and a Gigabyte 7950GX2 for $490.00 Shipped. I don't have any pic's of the items because my digital camera is getting replaced.

This is not a spam, ripoff, fraud, whatever you want to call it.

More info about the 8800GTX-
- PCI Express
- Memory: 768MB DDR3 384-bit
- RAMDACs: 400MHz
- Vista and HDCP Ready
- Core Clock: 575MHz
- Model # :NX8800GTX-T2D768E

More info about the 7950GX2 -
- PCI Express
- Memory: 1GB DDR3 512 bit
- RAMDACs: 400MHz
- Vista and HDCP Ready
- Core Clock: 500MHz
- Model # :GV-3D1-7950-RH

Both cards are brand new and is boxed in it's retail package. I can only accept Paypal. It will be shipped using UPS Ground shipping method. Please feel free to PM me if you want more info or if you have any questions.

References -
praavincb (ebay)

Stock images of what you are getting -

Originally posted by: ice91785
Not trying to crap on ur thread or anything but the 6400 can be bought brand new in the box for about $218 from a retailer....just food for thought. Good price on the 6800 though

That's fixed.
Hello Everybody.

I am here to sell a X6800.

Item Info -
The processor is in it's retail packaging. No OEM version.
Specs -

- CPU Speed: 2.93 GHz
- Bus Speed: 1066 MHz
- L2 Cache Size: 4 MB
- Socket: LGA 775
700 + 10.00 Shipping

This is no scam, fraud, or whatever you may call it.


Payment must be Paypal. Shipping is $10.00 U.S. Prices may change. praavincb (ebay)

PM me if you are interested.