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Thank you giantjoebot and all other respected members,

I have finally reinstalled the Windows XP and reactivated it. Yes I am feeling the difference between performance, as giantjoebot said that if I switch back to my older cpu after the fresh installation of windows, I would see the same performance at some extent.

He is true, but I am feeling the real performance boost after reinstalling the windows. I have been using computer since 1997. I am also involved in Computer Related Business, but sometimes a point comes that you cannot decide for yourself what is better and what is not?

I am still not convinced by Microsoft. Because Microsoft should announce a patch for the Dual-Core Processor.

Another important thing: Microsoft has mentioned a Performance Hole in this article and say us to be patience and wait for Service Pack 3 of Windows XP to get the maximum performance boost when using Dual Core.
The link is:
Click Here

I have also experimented the same reinstallation method on Windows Vista RC1, and I have really felt the performance boost on that window, it seems that Windows Vista RC1 is utilizing the true benefits of the Dual Core Architecture.

In my experiment, first I had clean install Windows Vista RC1 on the Older CPU i.e. P4 3.0 GHz 2MB Cache with HT and then I have again clean install Windows Vista using Pentium D 3.40 GHz. (945) the difference was very clear.

I have also checked by creating a HD Clip using Windows Movie Maker on Vista and felt the difference.

No doubt the Dual Core CPUs are very must responsive and fast than HT.

I hope that my explanation would be very beneficial for others.

My Recommendations:

Whenever, you change the following hardware do a reinstall:

and when you change the RAM upgrade/degrade, don't forget to adjust the virtual memory settings.

Thanks to everyone.
I think, I have asked a very difficult question in this forum...

Originally posted by: xtremeskier97
I swear I thought I posted twice in this thread...but it's only showing once. this a desktop or a notebook system?

If desktop, install a spare hard drive and disconnect your current hard drive. Install a clean load of XP to the spare drive and load up drivers and such. Doing a clean load it will give you 30 days before you need to activate. This will give you a chance to install all drivers and see the difference in performance. If you see no difference, simple remove the spare drive and hook your old one back up. If there IS a performance difference, you can then remove the spare and hook up the old drive and proceed with a clean install.

Good luck.

Oh Dear Friend!

I very appreciate your suggestion that you have given me. I have already built my Image using Acronis True Image Server 9.0 and I have checked the performance and I have come to the point that there is a 15 to 20% performance boost.

I want to know that, is there any method available that I can change or upgrade the Scheduler of Windows XP or are there any other method that the Applications installed on Windows XP automatically be threaded for Dual Core Processor.

The Reinstallation of Windows XP is the very cheapest and easiest solution to any problem, but here I want to educate the currently installed XP to work more than better for my upgraded CPU.

I hope you people will have understood my situation.

Waiting once again for your reply....

Thanks once again....

Originally posted by: ice91785
Even if it will not let you activate it again, you just have to call the number that pops up -- a rep will talk to you and explain you are doing a windows re-install due to the fact you upgraded hardware. For the most part they just give you a new activation code; I have done it probably 5 times or so

I don't know that Microsoft will let me activate it another time or I will lose my windows copy.

Here in this question my focus point is:

Whether I need to reinstall windows or there is some upgrades or any other method available? I have already included two links that Microsoft is addressing some performance related problems with Dual Core processor when using Windows XP.

Is there any solution to my problem, if the Windows XP Professional's reinstallation is the only solution, I'll do it. You people can better imagine my anxiousness about the Performance boost. How I am passing my time with the same old speed PC, it is terrible for me... you can imagine my feelings...

So, you people are no doubt have better experience than me, and you will probably provide me a better answer I hope...

So, waiting for your reply....

Thanks once again to all of you...
Hi all Junkies,

I have upgraded my CPU from 630 (i.e. Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz HT 2MB Cache), with 945 (Pentium D 3.4 GHz).

I have D945GNTLKR with 1 GB Kingston Memory i.e. DDR-II (533) and RAID 0 configured.

After upgrading the CPU, I m not feeling any significant performance on my system.

My question is:

Do I need to Reinstall Windows XP Professional? (If I Repair Windows XP, it asks for Activation and I have already completed my 3 times activation chances on the OEM brand of XP)

Is there any update or drivers for Dual Core driver available for Windows XP and Pentium D?

Please also read this article and then answer me:

I am waiting for your replies....