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Yeah the ethernet plugs into the homeplugs. I have three homeplugs, one on the computer, one of the Belkin N1 Vision router and one on the PS3. I'm not sure if the enternet port runs at 10/100/1000 but the title has GBE in it, I thought stood for gigabyte and also there was a note bundled in with the motherboard stating the LED colours for when the ethernet is tranfering at 10mbs, 100mbs and 1000mbs. However there were no instructions in any of the documentation on how to configure it.




I bought some 200mb homeplugs and am streaming stuff to my PS3. When I copy things directly I get about 10mb/s and when I stream video it stutters every minute or so.


Is it possible I have not configured my ethernet adapter on my computer properly to output at anything more than 10mb/s?

I read about crossover cables allowing 100mb data transfer. My motherboard comes equipped with a realtek pcie gbe family controller.




I'm looking for a way to sync my laptop, Windows Mobile and D[censored]p together over my wi-fi network. I have Outlook running on all three and am frequenly having to run to my desktop to get information out of an old email to I can work on my laptop. Its there any way I can have all three holding the same info without having to invest on setting up an exchange server?



The only thing I changed was the Boot order as my DVD ROM was second and I wanted to do a fresh install of Vista.

I'll try the JMicron later today and see what gives.


I know which drive is which and am currently using the computer. I have connected three of the five drives to the 3 Intel ICH7R connectors.

The problem is the others, the manual doesn't show you how to use them as standard connectors, it's all about RAID when it comes to the Jmicron and Silicon Image ones. Just plugging the HDD into the connector results in the "4th Master Hard Drive error" and the computer fails to boot after the Windows Loading screen (the one with the green Knight Rider graphic.)

Yup, thats it. I use a lot of storage as a video editor and have them divided up per project. Its just the way I prefer.

However, I can't make any sense of the manual for the SATA set up. I asked in a forum before and a chap was able to tell me which does which. Was hoping some one else might have an idea.


In the end I went for the Antec P182... wow what a case! Some times I wonder if its on when I'm passing the computer room doorway.

The little box under the upper HDD container is a good idea but putting loose screws in it can cause a rattle.






I recently changed my case and reinserted all 5 of my SATA drives. None of the are Raid just 5 separate volumes but I'm having trouble seeing them all. There are 6 SATA connnectors on the board altogether and I was foolish not to keep note of how I had them plugged in before but now only three will run on startup. I've swapped them around and am certain that they are all working I just can't plug the other two in. In fact when plugged into one of the orange SATA plugs the system displays "4th master boot error"


Has anyone any tips?





Thats for all the input. I'm case shopping now. Lian Li is pricey, especially where I live, UK (Northern Ireland) so P&P can cost as much as a kidney. There are a couple of alternates that I fancy however, I'm worried about getting too off topic here.

 I like Coolmater Cosmos (Not the Sports model) its a great price and looks the biz. The other being the Antec 900. Using Newegg as a review database I think the Cosmos comes off better with less gripes. I quite fancy it moreso, anyone wanna put me off it?


 Takes me forever to do anything!

Here is the computer innards. I've put a couple of notes on. Whilst I had to computer open I decided to make a qucik change. There was a 200gb drive they had stopped working some time ago. I had unplugged the SATA cable but left the power cable attached. I've now put in a 250gb I had and have hooked it up in its place.

Might a hard disk, plugged in but not being accessed generate more heat than normal?

 I've orders a new gfx card cooler from Zalman. I figured a little extra cooling wouldn't do any harm.

 Thanks for looking.