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Significant price drops in the AMD X2 range since my initial post. The core 2 duo's still own the X2 range right across the board. Even a non OC'd E6300 will beat an X2 4800+ in most tasks.

Go for core 2 duo, without a doubt.

Originally posted by: shocktech
I'm going to buy a new computer in the near future hopefully and I was just wondering if an AMD X2 3800+ (probably overclocked) would bottleneck an 8800GTS 320MB card in the machine a well. Also, this should be in the power supply topic I know but it'll save a thread, I was also thinking about buying an Antec 430W NeoHE Power Supply. The minimum wattage is 400W for the 8800GTS, that's pretty close, do you think it would be fine?

Invest in an E6400 (not much more in cost) but heaps more performance than an X2 3800+

To be honest even an E6300 will beat the AMD chip hands down.

With regards to you PSU, the antec 430W should be fine as long as you are not going to add tons of hard drives etc...

It may be worth investing in 500Watt unit just to give yourself a bit of future proofing.

The 530Watt Hiperpower Type R is a good PSU for the price.

Good luck with it.

Hi there,

I would forsake the onboard 6100, it's not meant to handle games.

I assume your board has a PCI-E(x16) slot ? if so get yourself a dedicated GPU, a 7600GT can be bought quite cheaply or maybe something like an X1650Pro is even cheaper.

Obvioulsy your board could have a fault, but it is more likely that it is just not built for gaming at all.

When all else fails, update your BIOS

When this fails, RMA !
Hi there,

If the rig is not going to be used for gaming you may as well go with something like the following.

CPU- E6300 (stick with the stock fan)
Mobo - Asus M2V
RAM - Corsair Value Select (533Mhz)
PSU - 600W Zalman ZM600-HP Heatpipe Cooled Modular PSU (very quiet)


Get yourself an E6600 and OC it to 3Ghz on air absolutley no problem!

You now effectively have an X6800 Cpu for the price of an E6600.

AMD have absolutely nothing to offer in the CPU market at the moment.

We get inside information from AMD being in the industry, and to be honest I cannot see anything in the pipeline that will knock core2 or Quad core off the pedastal in the forseable future.

Best of luck with your build

  Topic: E6400 testing
Well done, good scores for an E6400
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Try updating your bios, failing that you have a dodgy cpu
Remove your heatsink and fan, then reseat ensuring you use adequate amounts of thermal paste.

Also it may be worth updating your bios, as the temps your getting in the bios could be an error.

Good luck with it.

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