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I am excited to see that there are changes like most of these as it shows ms is listening. That said it's a shame it took this long for these sorts of changes; some if the major issues for win 8 could have been foreseen if they weren't trying to use it as a billboard for 'new' (useless on desktop) technology. Don't get me wrong metro is great when used where it should be.

I am currently getting ready to upgrade my 955, was gonna go to an 8350 with an h100... I would happily run this instead; no doubt about it!

Good luck to all potential winners.

Offer an alternative to nothing maybe. Replace existing speakers? In most cases I think not.

I must be sick as well, I went so far as to change my address, just to see and still no dice. Ah well guess Ubisoft doesn't get to collect on me.

OK this takes me WAY back right here. I cannot wait.

Just a question, why are most high end (pricey) systems these days not including better then onboard sound?  Ha[censored]ard sound come so far ahead as to make add in cards redundant?  I understand in this case there simply isn't room, but for damned near 3000.00 I want to know.  

Amazing pictures are wonderful, but my lifestyle demands the money goes many directions or I feel like its wasted.  I searched reviews but I can't seem to find a solid answer.  (Sorry for potentially thread jacking but the resolution discussion had already been answered.)

Good looking spec, super clean case ... I think I'm in love.


Anti-ci........pation   ~Rocky Horror Picture show.