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Every higher-end tablet in my store is pretty much gone when it gets there...xoom, galaxy, [obviously] iPad just refuse to stay in stock. It's freaking nuts how people buy into this...what...3rd coming of the tablet?

rapid1 wrote:

Well the whole thing here is if you read the article not based on wireless cellular signal though it is saying the wifi signal as I quote ice91785

"However, iLounge also managed to duplicate something it had been warned about prior to the Verizon iPhone launch, which it called the "death hug." Holding the phone in both hands and in landscape mode, with wi-fi on, data transfer is slowed dramatically. To be clear, this is when the device is transferring data over wi-fi, not 3G."

I would say that is a test on the wireless not the cellular signal, and or "data over wifi, not 3G"!

I stopped after they showed the slowed 3G with deathgrip, not that I went back to watch it I see what you are saying. BUT! my point still stands...bad engineering and -1 for Apple on this. 



I'm fairly certain he meant 5 cents/MB and when he re-typed he meant $0.05 /MB. Either way what he's saying is correct -- $0.05/MB is the overage charge when using broadband connection (i.e. tethering or broadband card) but it doesn't tie into data on the plan so its kinda a moot point.

Either way, this all is just heresay at this point...until something of the sort of formally implemented I am not too worried.

Guy, I think for "us" this isn't a big deal at all (as Dave mentioned in the webcast) but the sheer fact that the company admitted to a mistake and isn't doing much to rectify the issue, I believe, is showing that Intel is geting a little too comfortable as "top-dog" in the industry. The first rule of ANY business is that you do whatever you can in your power to make sure your end-client is (a) happy with their buying experience and (b) satisfied with the quality of the product....point 'b' obviously isn't met (though its a small issue...its still an issue)

Does this have SD or USB support? Or will it be limited on a LAN to network-only downloads/transfers...

Without trying to take too much away from your arguement, your router's antennas are relatively low-power, low-amplitude units that BROADCAST, whereas your phone is RECEIVING a very-high amplitude broadcast from an outside antenna.

Anyway, cellular signal is meant to be able to go through basic environmental object such as a few walls or a couple trees (which is why you can call/text people inside a house). Based on this alone I don't see why the iPhone's antenna wouldn't be able to receive cellular signal if it is partially covered (with the "death" grip). So I would definitely call this a design flaw on Apple's part for using "cheap" hardware/engineering. I don't want to take away from the enginuity of the company as a whole of course, but for this particular piece of hardware they have failed....with multiple cellular providers.

Little stretch there paulkevin...its different when you have a team of programmers that develop literally millions of lines of code and (probably) one or two f-ed up on this particular crypto-function.

These hackers know how try and break code, not necessarily how to be expert-writers. Think of it this way, if you know how to rip apart or destroy a car engine, that doesn't necessarily mean you can put it back together in a good working order...

I think everyone here has pretty much said it. Regardless of how much Verizon has to pay in subsidies, they will be getting [potentially] millions of new customers to jump-ship. Keeping in mind, customers not only pay monthly fees but imagine just the "extra" earnings VZ can make in all the iPhone accys they will sell as well!

Everyone here knows that iPhones aren't just for making phone calls...people integrate the things into their everyday lives. In short, even though VZ is paying a fistful of money back to Apple I am guessing their financial analysts probably figured out they are still going to "come ahead" in the deal...

Ahhh yes, I miss the good ol' days :)


BB, still mackin' on the ladies I am sure yes?

I wonder what an average day in the life of Zuckerberg is like... *dream*