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Well until the blank disks of either format are less than 1$ with tax, neither are worth it. I think I speak for most of us when I say; I don't watch many movies on my desktop/laptop. That being said all that really matters(outside of price) is capacity and reliability. Seeing as HD DVDs hold 15GB where blu-ray disks hold 25GB... Blu-ray already has the advantage. I am not going into dual layer disks since DL-DVD-R(s) are still 2$ a pop even though they have been available almost as long as DVD-Rs.

 Anyway, I think blu-ray will win on the PC if they can match the price of HD-DVD. If they cannot match the price... Well then HD-DVD will probably win out.

Main reason I posted this was because my video card supposedly requires a 350 watt power supply. Given the numbers on my not-so-lean system, I thought it seemed ridiculous.

Hey guys! Its been a while how ya all doing?

 While I have been away, I have been studying electronics a lot in college. For a project in a electrical class we had to take the current draw of 5 applications we use often at home(Microwave/oven/ect) They gave us this nifty tool to see exactly how much power various devices use. After I took care of 4 devices I decided to see how much my computer drew at various points of time. You wouldn't believe how little it was actually using, even at boot.

 At boot my computer peaked at 1.8 amps @ 112 volts which comes out to 201.6 watts.
 At idle my computer uses 1.45 amps @ 112 volts which comes to about 162.5 watts.
 Under a full load it peaked at 1.65 amps @ 112 volts which is 184.5 watts

 Given my specs(see sig) I am very surprised. With the power supplies offered, you'd think a rig like mine would easily idle at 300 watts! Whats your guys take on this?

I lurk more than I post! That being said; even if you dont see me... I am around!  

I haven't seen this until now, but good god I was grinning and/or laughing for almost the entire vid! If they actually got away with airing that, something is wrong with that country! If its just a fake done as a joke, someone's got a twisted sense of humor! [:D]

  Topic: Bad Google
What Der Meister said is kinda what I am thinking. I mean who actually does trust any adds on the internet? I know I don't!

Have you tryed installing the operating system again??

 I am a bit bored, so I am designing a doom wad 😛


In reply to your question Der Meister; I think you mean the Monolith Clan. And like most things in the game, you get it from peeling it off the the corpse of someone who as it! Until you get the Psi protection unit you will have to rough it through the Red Forest (where alot of monolith hang out and coincidentally alot of snipers!).

If you decide to go 'venturing in there make sure you got like 20 med kits and like 50 bandages, because you will take serious damage from the PSI. Oh, if you do go far in the red forest; when the road splits and going right dips down with a broken car in the road followed by a steep hill - DO NOT GO THAT WAY. The PSI damage in the dip is 45% a tic of your HP. The PSI damage at the top of the hill is 80-100+% a tic

  Topic: Caution...

Damn, I feel stupid now... It actually seems like a good experiment to me if you were to properly think through everything(which they did not!)

 This is gonna be fun and its also why anybody who knows me will never let me design a computer with "unlimited" funds!


Mobo: TYAN S2915WA2NRF (1X) - 450$
Mem: CORSAIR 2GB DDR2-666 ECC Registered (8X) - 1440$
CPU: AMD Opteron 8220 (2X) - 3020$
Vid card: Leadtek PX8800 Ultra Leviathan (4X) - 3600$
PSU: ENERMAX Galaxy EGX1000EWL 1K watt (2X) - 660$
Expansion cards;
SCSI controller PCI-X: LSI LOGIC LSI21320R-KIT-F PCI-X (1X) - 260$
Soundcard PCI: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite 7.1 (1X) - 260$
Optical drive: Sony BWU-100A (2X) - 1400$
SATA: HITACHI Ultrastar A7K1000 1TB (6X) - 2400$
SCSI: Seagate Cheetah ST3146854LW 147GB 15k RPM (11X) - 12100$
Case: LIAN LI PC-V2100BPlus (1X) - 350$
Case Accessories: Metal 3.5" to 5.25" Bracket (5X) - 45$

total: 25985$ 

Case modding tools:
Dremel - 85$
Epoxy - 10$
Soldering torch - 20$
Solder - 5$
Dykes - 2$

total: 122$

    Grand total: 26107$

 I could also be a [censored] and throw in the externals... but since I am REALLY picky about those I wont go into. Lets just say I would want the best 17ich CRT money could buy with a standard corded PS/2 keyboard, and a really nice optical corded mouse. Speakers would be 2.0 but custom designed!

You are probably regreting asking that question now XD!