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I'm planning on doing this - just wondering if anybody has built their own computer running a quad core, what motherboard and other parts they went with for their system, etc. Prices should be dropping fairly soon on the quad, and I can't help myself from wanting to make a beast...or at least think about making one
Hey guys,

I have a relatively old laptop that I use to play games on and that I thought I'd try to save, since it is still very functional. It has a P4 2.4 GHz processor and 1 gig of ram and enough hard drive space, but it only has 8mb of video ram. The video card does not have shared ram, so the BIOS trick isn't working (obviously). Does anybody know of any way to increase it? I'd hate to have to get something brand new just because of this...Thanks for your help.

Thanks Freeman, is it alright that it is USB? Sorry, noob question here, is that faster or slower than PCMCIA? I just saw the AVerMedia TV Cardbus that was PCMCIA, and I think that looked like an option too.

Hi everyone,

Well, it's winter, and I've finally gotten sick of fighting everyone for the TV, so I've decided it's time to get a TV Tuner! I'm relatively new to this area of computers, though I did do a little video capturing in the past. I'm looking for a good, solid TV tuner that has a nice picture, but isn't going to break the bank (like
wow nobody has anything? I was assuming you could just load your mobile version of Win Media Player and have it connect to a stream no?
hi everyone,

I know this doesn't technically pertain to hardware, but I seem to get great technology advice here, so Im going to ask it nonetheless. I was wondering if anybody knew of a handheld device (be it PDA, cell phone, etc.) that has the ability to use its wireless connection and play streaming audio (and maybe even video). I fell in love with a few non-local radio stations that were online, and I'd like to be able to listen to them more. I'm in areas with wireless networks a lot, so I thought I'd see if there was a way to do this. Thanks for the help.

Nope, that's a laptop (I guess I don't spec out good mobile computers lol)

What do you mean by dual core? Hopefully Vista will be out before fall 2006.
Well, like usual, I'm down to the wire in deciding about my laptop for college. My problem is, I have a fairly new laptop (1 year and a few months) that I'm not really sure if I should bring away with me, or if I should buy a new model. It's a Dell Inspiron 5100 with the following specs:

Intel Pentium 4 Processor at 2.4Ghz, 533 MHz front side bus
256MB Ram at 266MHz
ATI Mobility Raedeon 7500 video card with 32mb of memory
XGA Display (15 in., seems kinda dim compared to my LCD on the desktop)
8x DVD (no burner)
30 Gigs HD (about 22 free)
Sigma-Tel Audio
12-cell battery
1 PCI card (filled with 54g wireless)
Firewire, two USB 2.0 ports, video port, etc.

I'd be interested in hearing what everybody thinks. I'm an engineering student, and I use my computer a lot. My only hesitation is that with a new version of Windows coming out next year, and Intel getting involved in 64-bit processing, I feel like I should just wait, if not a year than maybe until Christmas. If I did get a new one, I'd be looking at something that's going to last at least two years and make it through Microsoft/Intels new upgrades, so any recommendations as to a nice performing laptop under $1500 would be appreciated. Since I have a really nice desktop at home, I barely used this thing (feel a little guilty). That being said, given that it's going to be my only computer next year, I'm not sure if I should get a new one or stick with it.

Some upgrades I'll be making if I keep this computer include more ram ($70 at for a 512mb dimm), Win XP Pro ($15 through school), and maybe a few others, like a better optical drive.

Technology can change too quickly sometimes
hey guys, I'm starting college in the fall and, hence, I need a new laptop! Right now I'm trying to decide if it's a good idea to go with a new AMD processor with 64 bits, or stick to the more traditional Intel designs. I'm in engineering, so I'll be using some pretty big programs I imagine, but I honestly have on idea which processor is best, and which speed to get it at. I'm leaning towards AMD becuase I heard that there was a patch coming out for XP that would let the OS run in 64 bits (true?), so it might be cool to be on the next level of technology. But I know intel also has some 64-bit products out (ExtremeEdition, etc.), and there's at least three different AMD 64-bit designs to choose from. I'm looking for something that will last at least two years, and, of course, be nice and fast . Any recomendations?