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Hello everyone! Its been a while.. too long haha. I have been really busy with work and the girlfriend and getting ready for university here in about 30 days. I have been having troubles with my laptop i purchased last winter for college. I havent had too much time to mess with it but have tried some different things for about 4 hours now and cant seem to figure anything out. It is a Dell XPS M1530 running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. I think this is a fairly common issue with Vista so looking to see if anyone has any advice that might help. I turn on my computer, log in, and get to my desktop.. everything seems fine. It seems to run like normal for about 3-8 minutes before it locks up. The cursor will still move but no there is no input at all! After a few more minutes a Windows error pops up which says : " Logon process has failed to create security options dialog. Failure - Security Options." I have read a few other forums and people have claimed that McAffe, Windows Defender, and Windows Sidebar are all common culprits of this error. I have tried disabling both the sidebar and defender but it didnt seem to help at all. Im really wanting to get my laptop back to working shape before I move to college so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to throw them out there. Thanks in advance :D

 So I looked at some X-Fi cards today and im really not sure what to go with.. they range from $45-$170 and im not sure that there is much difference other than the X-Ram or w/e.

 Thats why I fear that it will never be available in my area.. where I live is very hilly and it would be a major pain to change all the cables. Also there isnt a high demand here because it is a mostly rural area.

  Topic: Epic fail!!!

As far as im concerned.. Kobe should quit running his mouth and be thankful he isn't in jail... I cannot stand how [censored]y he is

Wow looks good and functional :P

lol, I guess I get to keep being jealous to the 10 and 15 pings of CSS players with Fios :D



Im not really sure of who im going to be supporting as of now, both canidates have qualities I like and dont like. Need to watch some more debates etc. before november.  Hehe 1st time im eligible to vote too :D


Ya its really cool how they put the digital city around that robot.. i almost thought those building were real...... oh wait :D


     Hey, I have read the other posts in this thread and there are some great suggestions. But, since my HD-202s got stolen out of my car (my fault) im looking to upgrade to something a bit nicer.   I was impressed with my  202's  and considering they are a 20 dollar pair, im sure the sound in a newer pair of cans has a lot of room for improvement and im interesred in looking into a higher quality pair. This time im mainly going to keep them at my PC for some gaming and mostly music.  Right now im thinking it's only right to pair a new set of cans with a new soundcard also (still running off onboard audio). Im trying to get the best bang for my buck and make this purchase last me for a while.

Im kind of a Sennheiser fanboy but am open to new brands too. Im not wanting to spend much more then 100 for the phones and unsure about the sound card budget for now.

Heres what im considering for now:

Top end of the budget and the best sound quality for my budget imo.

More of a mid range but I think it is a significant decrease in quality


Still open to suggestions here but those are what im considering atm.


As for sound cards.. I havent really researched much into this department but for money sake I might try and find a cheap Audigy card unless the X-Fi are that much better.


Any advice or suggestions are welcome :D



 wow, nice work.. looks like it's coming along nicely.. I will have to keep an eye on this thread.. should be a nice build when finished :D