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True but migration to an all fiber solution is no cheap task. Biggest cost being transceivers especially in last mile environments where ultra long haul fiber transceivers are required. Sure GPON helps to reduce the infrastructure costs but to role this out to 10's of thousands of end users can get quite pricey.

Of course there's always the saying you got to spend money to make money!

Anyone know someone at Google by chance. I would love to be a part of that opportunity as a contractor.

This seems to be a bit of a stretch. 10Gbps is just starting to become more popular outside the data center but still not the norm. 40Gbps is just starting to take hold in data center environments and hopefully 100Gbps will be supported soon. Until that happens I don't see 10Gbps being pushed out to the end users anytime in the near future. Not to mention there is no infrastructure to support it with the exception of some of the larger enterprises and the government but even most of their infrastructure won't support it.

Looks like that coolant is called HydrX Coolant. Looks like it's an anti corrosive and algae inhibitor. I thought you only need an anti corrosive if you mixed metals. A lot of what I have been reading is people recommending Silver in the loop to combat the algae and other crap from building up. Some even combine Silver with PT nuke. I may give that a try.

I finished flushing my system and running a pretreatment through it (Fluid Xp Pre-treatment non-acid cleaner) and got some weird results. 1 of the 3 loops has a cloudy look to it. I flushed all 3 loops with the same product and process and the other 2 came out crystal clear. I am wondering why this 1 loop is cloudy. Looks like I will have to re-flush this one and see if it goes away. The only thing I can think of is there was some residue left in the system from before it got flushed. This particular loop was far worse then the others. I think because I had ran out of tubing when I built it and picked up some cheap tubing from Lowes. Maybe the tubing started to break down and left something in the loop. This is the only loop that had the Lowes tubing in it. It's the only explanation I can come up with.

Hey all. I have been going through the pain stacking task of replacing all of my tubing and flushing my loops. This has become an all day task having 3 independent loops. I can't remember what additive I used with the distilled water but it's been awhile since I added anything or flushed the systems. Awhile being like 2 years. Needless to say the tubing and everything what pretty nasty. All the tubing had a whitish blue tint/film on it. I did use an additive plus blue UV dye last time.

I was wondering what you guys use in your loops and if there is anyway to avoid having to replace the tubing again in the future or is there no way around this? I am hoping there is a better additive out there that will keep this film from building up on the tubes.

I remember back on my first WC rig I used a Fluid XP coolant and that destroyed the tubing within a year. Your thoughts?

Right now I'm going for functionality. The cabinet will give me lots of room for airflow and tube routing. I want to upgrade to 1/2 tubing. I will most likely mod the cabinet in the future but for right now I am going to leave it as is and mount everything using accessories for the cabinet on the rack rails.

Nice to see your still around Der Meister. How have you been?

First off let me say hello to everyone as it's been a very long time since I have been active on the forums. Not sure how many old timers are still floating around. Things have been hectic for me but I got an itch to do another build so I'm back.

I recently got my hands on a Mid Atlantic 14U Data Cabinet and got this crazy idea to convert it into a computer case. I will be moving most of my parts from my existing case into this so at this point I'm not doing any hardware upgrades. I was thinking of using a rack mount equipment shelf to fashion into a mother board tray. I will need to make something to hold my 3 radiators (2x120mm and 3x120mm). I have seen some fan kits with AC fans. I could replace with DC fans or I could make my own rack mount panel to hold the fans and radiators.

I also will have to come up with a solution for mounting 3 reservoirs, 3 pumps, power supply, SDD's and DVD drives. At this point I am looking for some creative ideas.

Awesome! Now can they make it illegal for people to text and shop or talk on the phone when standing in line to pay or order something?

I think you are about an hour west of me realneil if not a little more. I am in Gainesville which is about 10 min west of Manassas. I really appreciate your offer and if I didn't have to go back to CA in less then 2 days I would take you up on it. I am going to just go ahead an order the

ASRock H55M-LE LGA 1156 Intel H55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

I can atleast order that and have it here so I can get my sons computer working the next time I can come home at Thanksgiving. If the CPU does turn out to be defective at that point I will know for sure. I am thinking I can probably sell the Asus board for about the same price I would pay for the ASRock board. My son doesn't need all the extra features on the Asus board anyway.

Thanks for everyone's help. Maybe if the project I am working on slows down a little I can actually get more active on the Forums again. I miss this place. 60+ hour work weeks though are a real killer.

The PSU works fine in another system and just to be sure I tried a different PSU. No difference.

I don't know anyone else with a 1156 MB. I don't think it's the CPU though but it's possible. The reason why I don't think the CPU is faulty is cause when the board goes through the post LED check the LED check for the CPU and RAM is fine. I only get the error with the VGA LED. I think the system is trying to boot witht the integrated GPU on the CPU or it's seeing both GPU's. This board doesn't have a graphics port on it to even get it to boot using the integrated GPU. Without another MB or CPU to try though I have no way of knowing for sure unless someone else has something to offer.