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Hi, my brothers PC has just taken the easy way out and he is now in the desperate need to buy a new one in a hurry. Key element here is silence/low noise.

He has decided on the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Socket 775 CPU, but other than that he (I) need advice on a few things, hope you guys can help out:

CPU cooler:
Must be as silent as possible.

Preferably Asus or Intel. Must support DDR2, PCI-Express, 2xATA (plus SATA for future compatibiliy).

Which speed (PC2-5300?) would fit the FSB?

Choise of PSU would probably be Sea Sonic S12-430 but open to suggestions.

Choise of Graphics card is Gigabyte GV-NX76G512P-RH since it is passive cooled, but open to suggestions (not at all needed for high performance gaming, just need to be "good enough" and with passive cooling).

I would appreciate ANY feedback, and beers are on me 8)

I have been running on Windows Server 2003 x64 edition for approx. 10 months now, and I am very pleased with it.

However, driver support is the big issue. A lot of hardware actually have drivers available for x64, but definitely not all. I had problems with my NIC, so I had to buy a new one from a vendor (Intel) who had a suitable driver available.
I also had trouble finding an All-in-One (printer/scanner) with suitable drivers available, and actually I found none. The closest I came back then was an HP where they stated on their drivers download page that x64 drivers will become available later this year  that was in 2005, and it is still not available *LOL*.

To my knowledge, DSL and Cable modems do not require any drivers if connected to your PC with Ethernet cable (but they will need it if connected with USB). I have been on both DSL and Cable without any problems.

My advice to you is that you thoroughly go through all your hardware components, and check the manufacturers web sites for x64 suitable drivers. That includes all on-board features on your motherboard that you may use.

Not much software has yet been written to take advantage of 64 bit yet, but rest assured sooner or later the most common/popular products will. Luckily most software can run anyway using the 32 bit emulation mode in Windows x64, although there are some apps that wont.
  Topic: AMD64 3200+
I just received my new AMD64 X2 4400+ CPU, and will need to sell my AMD64 3200+ (retail, comes with stock cooler) which has been used for 10 months (and is of course 100% working).

I plan on trying it on eBay but would like an idea of a price range first...
I just trippled my amount of physical memory from 1GB to 3GB.
With 1GB I used to have a page file with a static size of 2GB. But a size of 6GB seems to me to be fairly big.
Any recommendations?
Single/double side refers to the memory chips mounted on the stick of RAM. On some, there will be chips on both sides (double), on others only on one side (single).
I just got a reply from Chill today. They said that they do not have retailers in the US yet, for the same reason their power supplies cannot take 110V input (in Europe, the standard is 220-230V).

Strangely enough, I am darn sure that the one I had said on its label that is could autodetect 100-230 voltage.


Those Seasonic S12's you mention look interesting, and I can see they use the same huge fan. Not as good in the Amps though compared to the Chill, but not sure where the sweet spot really is when it comes to Amps in a PSU.
I just bought a 2GB set of DDR400 (2x1GB). They are to fit in my Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo which already had 2x512MB DDR400 in Dual Channel.

I read the mobo manual carefully as to whether or not it was possible to have 2x1GB and 2x512MB running in dual channel together, and it does state that it in fact can as long as they are paired to be equal in each channel.

I chose these sticks since they have the same latency (2.5) as the old ones which the manual stated I should.

I knew that it could very well end up with them not being able to work as intended, so I was/am prepared to ditch the old pair and just settle for the new pair  call it a 50/50 chance.

Now& I plugged them in, pairing them so that slots A1 and B1 was with the 1GB sticks, and A2 and B2 with the 512MB sticks. A total of 1.5GB in each channel.
The system recognizes it and it seems fine. However, in the BIOS, the memory clock is now 333 MHz when on Auto setting. With either pair alone, the clock was 400, auto detected.
Anyway, I have set it to Manual and then chose 400MHz. And it runs fine.

I am just wondering how come the system auto set it to 333 instead of 400? And what impact can it have that I have forced it to 400?
And finally, is there any way or tool that allows me to check to ensure that it is in fact pulling from both sets in dual channel?

Long story, sorry about that
I can recommend the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo. Been running on it for almost a year now and must say I am very pleased. But be aware of the chipset cooler. I have no clue why, but Asus chose a fan to cool the chipset. That fan starts getting very noisy after a few weeks and as I understand from several other users this is a common problem. So do your self a favour and order a heat sink for the chipset and mount it right away. I use the Zalman ZM-NB47J and it cools the chipset without problems.
Actually I did, but didn't get a reply.

I agree that a well known product is preferable, but actually I DO know it 😉 Used to live in Denmark (the product is Danish) where I had such. It is the most silent PSU I have ever come across, has a single, huge fan that runs a fairly low revs.
Does anyone know where to buy Chill-Innovation PSU in the US?