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I like how he list two games that royally blew (BF:BC and the new AvP) in the article. Both of those sucked royally. I bought them and sold them each within a week after picking them up. Both painful to play.

The high core count chips are really best suited to the enterprise/HPC market. Home users really have no need for anything past a quad core now'a'days (says the guy with the 6 core $999 chip in his rig).

Actually I think they should block all of them. I hate getting what basically amounts to spam sms's on my phone.

This looks like a nice DSLR for people looking to pick up a first one.

I suppose someone had to write a program to do this bit of easy modification for the masses without much computer knowledge. I personally spend the first day or two (software wise) with any new computer locking it down hard.

Eh, I'm happy with my HX850. I seriously don't know why people are getting all these 1000+ watt PSUs. Unless their running three GTX 480s in SLI.

The 120GB version seems to be a much better buy.  60GB really is getting too small for your boot drive, since after formatting, installing Win7, swap file, and updates you will be left with maybe 20GB.

And it is about damn time it went away again. 3D movies are a gimmick to charge more money for rapidly spit out drivel. I’m one of those before mentioned people who has eye problems (VMPD to be exact) which causes 3D to both not work well for me and makes me sick. Not to mention that after watching several of the films in 2D, they suck pretty badly.

I was in college so the first machine I had with Win 95 was my trusty old 486 (highly upgraded!) that I stuck it on. That machine is still running (and shockingly used by my parents) to this day.

My next machine build in late 1996, just for Win 95, was a Pentium Pro 200 with 16MB of ram, Matrox Millennium video, a 15" MAG CRT (crazy!), Quantum Fireball HDD, and a 7-disk CD drive. It got upgraded a couple times (like the addition of a Voodoo card). Still runs fine to this day, fired it up when I went back home last Christmas.

Well classic movie film is 4k, with theatrical prints we see in theaters about 1.5k and the old IMAX film is estimated at 12k theoretical, with 6k theatrical prints.