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  Topic: Hello

Nah that rig is OLD!

Phenom II 1090T, 8GB XMS3 memory, 256GB SSD is my home system now.

Work one has just gone to i7 3770K, 4GB ram (soon to be 20GB once mem upgrade is sent from our supplier), 128GB SSD and 500GB Spindle with Win 8.

It's possible that the hard drive has corrupted.  If it's a Win 7 install, when you boot off the media, go for the repair options and the advanced options under that (can't remember it exactly without a machine in front of me in that state).

Open a command prompt from in there, and type dir c: then dir 😛 etc through the letters to see if you can read the partition.

I'll be honest, that sounds like the partition may have gone RAW.



Nuts just looked at the dates on this.  If you are sorted then cool, otherwise someone feel free to mock my lack of attention...

  Topic: Hello

Hello everyone.  Not been on here in about 4 years I imagine so doubt many remember me, but this time I intend to do a comeback for good!

Hows the weather?

  Topic: Boo

Elsparrow (noun)

1) Mexican Sparrow

2) Rather poor version of Zorro.





  Topic: Boo

Worst part is I don't recognise myself!

Apparantly was 2007 on my last sign in [:|]

  Topic: Boo

Long time no see ;)


Not recognising anyone around here though [:|]

 I played fear at 2am in the dark with headphones on.

 I've never been so dam freaked out in my life.

X1950XTXvengence wrote:

Got a refund from the CEO actually... for a long time I had held off on doing this cause he seemed genuinely nice and all.  But like the more I think about it the more it eats at me... because everytime I play Hitman: Blood Money it slows down when I go on a killing spree and the bodies pile up in a room (which previously it hadn't).

And you could say it was my fault that THEIR kit leaked twice... the second time being after they FIXED IT.  Ooooooooor you could say it was their fault for not testing their own product sufficiantly.  I keep getting from "certain people" on these forums that it was my fault the kit leaked.  I did the research, I checked the liquid they had in the kit, I ran the system for 2 hours playing Hitman with the case open to make sure it didn't leak.  It leaked anyway AND there was sufficiant air flow with the case closed (front fan, side fan and the rear fan that came with the kit).  So yeah I completely agree with you, when you say it was "user error" I mean I should have had the PC in a the freezer instead of the computer drawer and I really shouldn't have been playing games on it like some people... instead I should have only used it for MS word so that way the processor wouldn't have gotten HOT.

 Sorry to say but do you even know what the FreeZone cooling Kit is?  It's a prebuilt liquid cooling kit that every single person at the company said would MOST DEFINETELY COOL AN INTEL P4 3.2 GHZ PROCESSOR.  So, yeah,  Icompletely see how it is "user error"... infact the drunker I get the more that makes sense!! Big Smile

And thanks for your input ice_73... knowing I'm not alone does actually make me feel a little better about this, also a little more annoyed that they're doing this to a bunch of people.


 First, Intel P4 3.2Ghz is an older architecture than an Intel Core 2 Duo.  The Core 2 Duo has a higher thermal load, so the fact it supports P4 3.2Ghz doesn't mean it will handle a chip with more cores and thus more heat.

Secondly, you tested the kit, with your computer running for 2 hours?  So the kit was fully rigged up and mounted on the CPU?  That's user error I am afraid, as any kit (prebuilt or DIY) should be tested by a user completely out of the case away from parts in a big bucket.  That's to check for leaks and saves all your parts in the case of a leak.

 Also, heat doesn't make a watercooling kit leak.  The leak is due to an inproper seal and the water pressure from the pump will force the water through the seal.  So it would of leaked without your PC giving it loads of heat.

Where Cool-IT could be at fault is as you say, improper testing.  However, all manufacturing processes have flaws, hence why it likely leaked the first time as a bad egg slipped through.  However the fact it's leaked twice makes me wonder if a) The repairs were flawed and there was something bigger causing the problem not noticed or b) you made a mistake in installation and possibly kinked a tube too much or caught the tubing on the case causing a seal to fail.

However I must admit, I've never heard anything bad said about their products before and every usage of them before was fine, so you must of just been unlucky.

 I'm not sure but I think the older series such as the 6600's need identical cards to run in SLI.  So you'll need a twin of your current card.


I'll get my coat.