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In glad and thankful that this post is still working :) 

Still Cheaper than any DVD-EXE from Microsoft :)

have not had any problems with it, i wrote a thread talking about it...

  Topic: OS X LION

yeah 4GB will run good but not that good, I just installed 8GB and this thing runs without a hiccup 

  Topic: OS X LION

Hey Guys,

Long time, I'm writing about my experience with OS X Lion, since I had to with the creation of this thread thanks for Marco for listening :)

Here it goes, so far this New OS is absolutely flawless from the download to installation I have not had a problem...

I have been reading from most of everyone that I know about their experience with Lion and I can say; I have not read nothing negative about it. Everyone (including me) is shock of how the OS behave and how does react to your commands...

I still got my MacBook Pro 13.3 (the one in my sig) which I use mostly use for browsing the web and minor excel works... 

From my 24 hrs experience with OS X Lion, the only problem or mishap is that you might have to upgrade to 8 GB of ram... and Since the price of rams are cheap, this won't be a big expensive upgrade like we were used to with windows. The reason I say this is because Mission Control, Launch Pad and Safari uses half of your 4GB... (and you get to experience some 2-4 sec lags) <- this is according to the activity monitor...

If anyone got any question or want to add a comment feel free :)


stay out of the porn site and you won't get virus :)

please come running to our network, so you can received another emailed saying we got j(h)acked again :)

Sounds they want to push as much as they can the Iphone 4, which is good for them. Feb 2012 should be a good time for upgrading again

How is that going to help me? Sorry for the sarcasm but shouldn't they be upgrading their network instead ?

  Topic: IOS 4.3.3

The software is out, and for those who are crying about been track (which you are personally not) then feel free to download it...

For those who don't care (like me) download it anyways :) 


Have Fun!