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Originally Posted by: Der Meister 

Hey man,

I still lurk around from time to time.


Can we have a new posts button I can hit and see everything I have missed since I was last here. That would help me a ton!

OMG Der how the heck have you been bro? This is the first time i have logged in the forums in at least 6 years. I still weekly read the articles and lurk lol.

HP has had their Proliant Micro Server powered by AMD Athlon II Neo N36L Dual core processor out since Q4 2010. The only thing WD has done is specifically taylor their MicroServer to do a specific function and have the software packaged with it to do it.

These little servers are quite nice for development boxes and useful as swing servers for swing migrations, plus they are cheap. The only issue is now the Dell Poweredge T110's prices have come down so much you can get a Sandy -E based Xeon quad core and 8 Gig of RAM with Lots of hard drive space for a little bit more than these MicroServers are selling for. They have their niches and i still like them as Development boxes as they are weak enough to usually warrant getting a server upgrade or new server to use a program instead of trying to turn a dev box into a production box.

This just shows the liberal democrat professors that overpopulate college and university campuses are getting their beliefs to the students they teach.

Work is work damnit. If you want to do personal crap at work do it during lunch and preferably not on any company computer. That company computer aint yours and isnt intended to do anything for you but allow you to do your job. IDK what is with these dilusional dumbnut kids these days. I went to school with most of them to as im a young one but holy crap its called work for a reason, it aint supposed to be fun, if it was it would be called play. Now this doesnt mean you cannot enjoy your job but the social crap unless it pertains to your job IE marketing, sales, etc for work purposes only should it be used.

Obviously some folks parents did not instill in them a solid work ethic much less any respect for the people that will give them their pay check.

Dialup 44k down 36k up is what i used to have till less than a year and a half ago when i was able to get a 3G mobile broadband modem. Now what speeds i get depend upon the weather conditions, but it averages about 2 down with 0.5 up.

There is no reason any company is going to get rid of phone lines or dialup, they make to much damn money off of them as it is practically pure profit since the lines have been paid off for 50+ years and there is no need to upgrade dialup servers just maintain the same crap they had back in 1998. Unless there is a significant incentive to move broadband to rural areas the telecom companies will not do it. It is just sad that 3rd world countries have better internet than the US, the supposed best country in the world. We need a broadband race similar to the space race of the 60s to get things moving.

They should be calling the FX 8xxx series quad cores, the 6xxx series triple cores, and the 4xxx series dual cores. The bulldozer module's just do not perform good enough to call the top of the line an 8 core chip. This is just as bad when Intel made the Pentium D and called it a dual core when it was two cores on one chip using the fsb as a connector.

Im glad to see a new micro arch, but come on, it has to be competitive. All the hype and my Phenom II X4 is just about as good as it. Maybe it is time for AMD to let the garbage of ATi go. Ever since AMD bought them they have had nothing but hell meeting deadlines for their procs. It is like they bought ATi and focused hard on doing good in the vid card market and figured the stuff with the processors would just fall into place. Fusion while a nice idea and halfway practical targets the bottom of the barrel desktop market. AMD just doesnt have enough laptop market share to really make enough money off of it.

Unless new programs are written and old ones rewritten to take advantage of AMD's new micro arch, i think AMD is toast. They just dont have the market share to continue to fail like this. At least Nvidia is smart enough to delay till they have enough performance to be competitive, rather than send out slower crap than what the competition has. This is why VIA had to get out of the CPU market, and now it looks like AMD needs to be following suit if they cant cut the mustard. Intel cant hold back to much longer, they are already 2-3 years ahead of AMD and have Ivy Bridge ready that will simply crush AMD's whimpy thunder of their FX chips. I hate to say it, but i might just have to break down and actually buy Intel the next go around. Been using AMD since 1998...such a shame.

If Lenovo and Acer would stop putting their crapware on their computers they might stand a chance against Dell. That is one thing Dell still does that is great, give you a computer where you dont have to uninstall 2 dozen pieces of crap that came with the new machine. Acer's crapware has caused me more grief on corporate networks and once that crapware is gone everything magically works the way it is supposed to. I hate having to tell customers that their problem was the junk that shipped with their machine that is now causing problems.

With the way Llano has performed coming in slower than current Athlon II chips things are not looking good for Bulldozer. I hope they are good enough to compete with Intel, but being realistic i think a 2600k will still be faster by a 10-20% margin.

Competitive pressure? Are you f*cking kidding me? There are only 4 damn cell companies and when it comes to land lines there are even less. If anything Verizon and At&t need to be split up as there is not near enough competition with all the damn price fixing these companies do.

FF5 has been out for over a week and half the apps i use at work dont work in it so im stuck having to use IE9 for most of my remote sessions. Really stupid of Mozilla to dis the enterprise and corporate community. It will cost them dearly, and rightfully so they need to pay. Maybe that will get them off their high horse and get back to reality and release a decent browser. I have been disappointed in every FF since 1.5.

How is this any different than drinking regular tap water in cities? Its just the watery portion of the recycled sewage that they make into tap water, and now you can have a Salisbury steak made of sewage mud.