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Neil was a good man, a kind soul and a great HH community member. He will be sorely missed. RIP Brother RealNeil.
Agreed, there's always the Apple Tax, Windows PCs are still a better value.
I'm testing a post again too. Sorry!
Testing my ability to post here, might be a forum issue.
Wait, you're saying our site threw this message? Not sure I follow...
Originally Posted by: Mitchell 


Intellivision Entertainment announced that it's unveiling a new console on Oct. 1. The Intellivision system, which was released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics, played 16-bit games -- although graphically speaking, they were more in league with the Atari 2600 as opposed to the Sega Genesis or SNES -- and was the first to run a video game with voice/speech (Intellivision's Major League Baseball in 1979).

Ha! Just seeing this. I gotta check that out.

Originally Posted by: Mitchell 

Hey Guys,

Been noticing a lot of my postings have been disappearing. A few a day and one went into moderation now gone. Not sure why? Just don't know why they appear for a little while then are gone a day later. Other posts seem to be sticking around.

Something happening with my account or some sort of time warp?


Hey Mitch,

Can you shoot me your Disqus user name and link? There maybe be some issue with the banning system. Seems I recall seeing your user name flagged.



DX12 throws a wrench in that, which is the crux of the issue. I think it'll sort itself out soon and even mixed GPU setups will just work but Microsoft, NVIDIA and AMD are still working through it with devs.
We've had good luck with the ASUS boards as well actually. No issues with GB Ryzen boards either, frankly. Not sure you can really go wrong and it's just a question of what BIOS UEFI interface and features you like best.