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Biostar TForce P965

anyone any scare stories or success stories even?
50 GBP for this board seems pretty good. Not lookin to OC it(yet) it'll be my server. I have 2GB OCZ PC6400 to run on it and it'll be headless(under my stairs)
should it do the job?

I'm gonna run a Core E6300 in it but I may want to OC it slightly in the future and stick an 8500 or similar into it. will it be capable?



it looks perfect for wha ti need...
Will it work with a samba mount thought?!

cpuz (1.39)reports

Core 1596 Mhz
Multi 6
Bus 266
Rated FSB 1064

Memory tab has

Freq 177

Sometimes tho i see the multi at 7 and the Core to be correctly reporting 1836 Mhz.

My power was on home/off, but its now always on. Still the same...
Can you force the freq scaling 'feature' off ??
there is no BIOS option to change FSB, its a very minimal board. I'll check the power scheme when i get home however i dont think its it.
I have just bought an E6300 to replace my PentiumD915 in an ASUS P5PE-VM board.

however even with latest bios the board clocks the chip at 1.6 ghz, with a ram speed of 350 and a ratio of 3:2. The fsb is at 1066 but I dont understand how this is happeneing.

Can anyone shed some light on how i can get the full speed out of the chip!?

I like modding but the age old problem ive had is that im not startting to build a sys from scratch, im always limited by what i currently have hw wise for an upgrade.

So lets jsut say that starting from scratch, i want a ninja performing pc for as little as possible.. who deosnt eh?

so putting no limitations on this whats the best system using components around now to build a 100fps 1024x768 games machine.

Best components for OC...?
i mean if it means buying a 200 mobo then cheap componenets and raking the [censored]outta them then so be it. how cheap and what spec could you hardcore modders do it for!?

whats the cheapest (any speed) cpu with the VT / pacifica instructions from AMD / intel?

or is there a 3rd party chip ?

perhaps sun ?

  Topic: TV as Monitor
20" TFT monitors are going for 200quid, while 32inch TVs are going for the same price.

I'm thinking about making the move to a TV as my main computer monitor but i need to know some specifics about the res, refresh and size reccomendations first.

which connector from Gfx card to TV is recommended? i have DVI, vga and s-video... i guess it depends on what the TV can accept. would it be worthwhile going for a DVI input on the TV?

what rsolution would i be looking for from the TV considering that all my games i dont play at more than 1024x768... Is a standard CRT out or should i consider a high end CRT perhaps?
resoltuion for LCDs specifically for pc inpout still slightly confuse me...

any help?


motherboard is an asus P5PE-VM mini ATX.
it doesn't have any bios related OC options...

RAM - i've tried 3 seperate modules and all combinations
Geil value 2x512 ddr400
OCZ "value" 2x1G ddr400
and unbrabded PC2100 2x256, at stock timings and in heavy load scenarios the machine dies....

I'll have another look Manual us

I'm getting another PSU from a friend to see if theres any difference...

are the -5v and -12v rails significant!? they doen't really match what they should be.
how do i get the amp readings for the rails? what proggie should i be using?

just realised that the 4pins at the end of the connector clip off... been using it for 2 years and didn't realise .

Installed FEAR again and the same thing as CSS, just bombs out to black screen...

again how can i measure the amps ion the rails...

I use everst home edition and it tells me

CPU Core 1.04 V
Aux 3.71 V
+3.3 V 3.28 V
+5 V 5.54 V
+12 V 12.71 V
-12 V 1.63 V
-5 V -6.76 V
+5 V Standby 4.99 V
VBAT Battery 0.78 V
Debug Info F FF 8F FF
Debug Info T 33 32 45
Debug Info V 9B E8 CD CE D1 C9 13 (03)

Also i get this periodically every few seconds

CPU Clock 2801.79 MHz (original: 2800 MHz)
CPU Multiplier 12.0x
CPU FSB 233.48 MHz (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 17%)
Memory Bus 233.48 MHz

ie the multiplier drops to 12 and the FSB and MEM apparently ramp up to 233Mhz

whats does this mean?

Everst seems to think i have a pentium D 920 when in actual fact i have a 915.. this may have some bearing...

cpuz reports a 915 correctly with a cpu voltage of 1.22 and a steady multiplier of 14...

PSU is model no. HPU4S525

34A @ +3.3V
34A @ +5V

max combine wattage 270W

20A @ +12V1
17A @ +12V2

max combined wattage 360W

total combined 505W

0.8A @ -12V

MCW 9.6W

2.5A @ +5VSB

MCW 12.5W

~ PEAK load of 525W...

^^ double dutch