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 dr. pepper usually only gives me a problem on an empty stomach.  Dark chocolate i can do in moderation (i used to eat the big bars .. god they are good).  Drip coffee outright destroys my brain on the rare occasion that i venture to drink some the effects are almost immediate. 

candle stores are also no fun; i often dodge the section of the mall that has a yankee candle.... or maybe thats just what i tell my girlfriend [:#]

 migraines always blow.  dark chocolate, regular drip coffe, dr. pepper, and old eyeglass prescriptions always do me in.  So here's to hoping the new script will help you out.

mainly a froogle guy myself.  i do use msn livesearch for the cashback afterwards though : P

 i had a 512mb one a couple of weeks ago (its still in my sig) and temps were the same. 

 zombie thread [:|]

 mounts easy, isn't hideous, low restriction, and keeps the gpu at 38C idle 41C full load and 43C under full furmark load so i certainly can't complain

p.s. i also have since shined up that front grill, matches much better now.

won't be completely finished untill i redo some tubing (perhaps tygon norprene this time) with some of those sweet BP rotary 45's but you'll get the general gist.  Of course i'll be hiding those pump wires as well.

Phenom 9850 running at 3ghz (untill deneb)

HIS 4870 1gb (790/930)

Foxconn a79a-s

3x 320gb Spinpoint F1

2x 2gb G.Skill PC2-8500 @5-5-5-15-30

some old burner and floppy

d-tek fuzion v1(have to remount with correct orientation and a washer)

d-tek fuzion gfx v2

iandh custom 4870 ramsinks (further customized by me but not in pics)

DDC 3.2 w/ petras top

Swifftech mcr 220

all crammed into a mildly modded TT armor w/non stock sidefan




 maybe a spiify HH shirt.  i know i wear mine all over the place.

so its a new version of AOD thats more graphically based?