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Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

Make sure you have a hotel or campsite, though most places are already booked!

True story, I'm fortunate enough that I will be staying with my girlfriend's parents, so that's a non-issue.

I'll be traveling to Southern Illinois to see it. Light pollution is also at minimum where I'm going, BBQ is included!
I guess to add clarity and to second GnuHard's request, I also have an issue and notice others do too that the paragraph spacing is now nonexistent when you hit enter.
From what I've seen, all distros seem to work. Obviously Steam OS if you're aiming for steam games. But there are distros that deal with free games pre-installed and so on. I personally like debian as a starting point for a system.

I guess the question is whether you are looking for an out of the box solution or to get in the nooks and crannies. I know 3vi1 was big on gaming on linux and I believe he just cruised along on Ubuntu for all his needs.

Thanks all. I forgot about the shirt, I still have it and wore it to death back in the day. As Super Dave said, HH has been good to its regulars.
I figured that I would drop back in and say Hi to everyone. I haven't been around here in quite a while, but I usually drop in and clean house (any spam) on occasion. I got to thinking of everyone as I put together a new Kaby Lake build and couldn't get my mind off of some now antique HH case badges that I used to have (Davo, I'm looking at you).

I saw some familiar names floating around and the return of some of you oldies. So, hello again, looking forward to chatting with you guys.

[Edit] Never mind, I see I'm no longer a mod...ah yes, civilian life again.:smile:

sevags wrote:

The battery life is short but perfectly understandable. They should allow the connection of a USB cord as an alternative just in case you know of those late nice gaming marathons.

There is a usb chord with the sensei.


I've been using a Logitech G700 for over a year and I can tell you that I won't go back to a 24/7 wired mouse.  Latency issues are non existent on gaming grade mice these days.  Keep in mind most wireless mice are targeted to the everyday user and not specifically built with performance gaming in mind.  I think the true negative of the sensei is that it's ambidextrous.  Beyond that, I'm sure it's a great mouse.

Do you have more than one HD?  If so, that could be your issue right there.  Also, are you running any antivirus software, malwarebytes alone won't save you.

Not sure if this guy is still around, but anyone have an idea how he mounted the ssd?  I have the same case and mounting the drives like that is better than keeping the extra drive bays there.

Oh wow, I feel like I haven't seen you in a while on here.